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Phoenix Contact stands for new, open paths in automation with the aim of reducing costs and attaining the highest possible degree of flexibility

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  • Synergetic Micro Systems - Embedded and PC interfaces and tools for factory floor LANs.
  • HMS - AnyBus offers multiple fieldbus connectivity encompassing Profibus, DeviceNet, factory automation EtherNet, industrial goods and services InterBus, CANOpen, ASI, ControlNet, LonWorks.
  • B & B Electronics Manufacturing Company - Designs and manufactures computer interface converters to enable computers to industrial goods and services monitor and control automatic production equipment in factories. Online catalogue, industrial goods and services product specifications and purchasing.
  • Contemporary Control Systems Inc - Designs and manufactures industrial networking products that facilitate industrial goods and services communication between computers, controllers, sensors and actuators, utilizing industrial goods and services various fieldbus technologies.
  • CD Systems Electronics - Electronic devices used in measurement and control systems and process factory automation and machine controllers based on CAN bus communication with CANopen factory automation and DeviceNet protocols.
  • IXXAT Automation GmbH - Provider of products, training, hardware / software development communications devices and networking services for industrial and automotive communication systems. Including communications devices and networking Controller Area Network, CANopen, DeviceNet, TCP/IP, LIN, communications devices and networking byteflight, and FlexRay.
  • Phoenix Contact UK - Phoenix Contact stands for new, open paths in industrial goods and factory automation services automation with the aim of reducing costs and industrial goods factory automation and services attaining the highest possible degree of flexibility
  • Robust Data Comm, Inc. - Manufacturers fully-isolated converters and repeaters for RS-232, RS-422, communications devices and factory automation networking RS-485, and MM Fiber. Properties, include DC-powered, communications devices factory automation and networking surge protected, and DIN-rail mounting.
  • Japan FA Open Systems Promotion Group - Aims to develop the new technology based on communications devices and communications devices and networking networking open architecture in many phases from controller, production communications devices communications devices and networking and networking information and data format of facilities to the communications communications devices and networking devices and networking structure of the whole manufacturing system to establish communications devices and networking communications devices and networking the common basic technology so that the communications devices and networking info
  • Woodhead - An industrial communication solution for PC-based applications on fieldbuses and industrial networks (Profibus, Ethernet, CAN, DeviceNet).
  • Phoenix Contact - Inventors of the interbus, a leading automation bus.
  • IntelliCom Innovation AB - Provides technical consultant services and product development within communications devices and factory automation networking LonWorks, GSM, Ethernet, Profibus, CAN, Bluetooth.
  • BCS Systems Integration - Integration of control systems for industrial and process control clients. industrial goods and services Customers in industries such as manufacturing, water/waste treatment plants, food industrial goods and services and beverage, pulps and paper and plastics.
  • Radiomatic - Data-based orientated information about radio remote control systems communications devices and industrial goods and services networking for industrial applications in English, French, and German.
  • Macro. - Informative site for distribution of products involved with communications devices and networking fieldbus technology. A High bandwidth, non-proprietary fiber optic communications devices and networking or wired protocol for machine control based upon communications devices and networking 100BaseFX and 100BaseTX networking.
  • D.I.P. - Information, specifications, support, and software for D.I.P. serial factory automation gateway and I/O modules for DeviceNet and Profibus factory automation networks.
  • Software Horizons Inc. - HMI / SCADA software for Windows PC, Pocket PC, Windows industrial goods and services CE. and Palm OS platforms. Includes a product overview and industrial goods and services pricing.
  • Softing AG - Industrial communication and connectivity products including automotive electronics.
  • Profibus International - Digital networking for industrial and process automation. Products include industrial automation fieldbus networks, embedded controllers, protocol converters, line interface, remote I/O hardware and software.
  • PCW Microsystems, Inc. - Provides Arcnet based networking products.
  • ARCNET Trade Association - Represents a mature, well-established LAN technology since its introduction as the first commercially available LAN on the market in 1977.
  • Sercos N.A. - Promotional alliance for the Sercos interface, an international industrial goods and services standard for communications between controls and servo drives.
  • Lincis - Innovative solutions for factory automation. Designs and produces industrial goods and communications devices and networking services I/O boards, HMI terminals, protocol converters, and industrial industrial goods communications devices and networking and services computers. Provides programming services in LabView, Visual Basic industrial communications devices and networking goods and services and Visual C++.
  • SST. - Specialists in connectivity solutions for industrial networks including factory automation DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, ASi, Interbus, Modicon Networks, factory automation Allen-Bradley networks, Reliance networks and others.
  • Korenix Technology Co., Ltd - Taiwan based provider of industrial networking and computing solutions.
  • Huron Net Works - Manufactures both custom and standared devices for the industrial goods and industrial goods and services services DeviceNet standard offering both software and hardware solutions.
  • Performance Software Associates, Inc. - AnchorPLC softlogic automation package offers IEC 1131-3 standard languages interfacing to OPC clients. Includes Ethernet, MODBUS/TCP interfaces. Single-board computers are programmed like a PLC.
  • Beckhoff Automation llc - Components for automation and control. \\'TwinCAT\\' NT-realtime system, factory automation bus terminal, industrial PC, \\'Lightbus.\\' Creates open automation factory automation systems with PC compatible control technology. Industrial PC factory automation in conjunction with the TwinCAT PLC/NC software solution factory automation and
  • Northern Dynamic Inc. - Provides high quality OPC (OLE for Process Control) solutions to system integrators and software developers, Including server toolkits (C++, ActiveX, Windows CE) and gateway for data exchange.
  • Warwick Control Technologies Ltd - Specialises in CAN and Devicenet development tools and services; \\'Xanalyser\\' communications devices and networking is a bus analyser. Develops protocol interface tools for proprietary communications devices and networking networks.
  • Ifak System GmbH. - Products and services related to industrial communication and communications devices and networking software like PROFIBUS, CAN, OPC and FDT.
  • Jetter AG - All attempts to improve the classical PLC technology communications devices and industrial goods and services networking only resulted in limited improvements which could not communications devices industrial goods and services and networking keep up with the continuously rising demands made communications industrial goods and services devices and networking on automation technology. Jetweb technology is marked by industrial goods and services communications devices and networking graphical, process oriented programming a
  • ESD GmbH - Manufacturer of VMEbus boards, DeviceNet interfaces to CompactPCI, VMEbus, Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth. Supports real-time operating systems like VxWorks, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and Linux.
  • Binsfeld Engineering, Inc. - Transmitting sensor data from rotating sources. Measuring torque, any size shaft, installs quickly without machine disassembly or shaft modifications.
  • Akida LLC - Embedded electronic products, software design services and control factory automation and industrial goods and services automation solutions based on Controller Area Networks.
  • AS Interface - Protocol for networking sensors and actuators in automation systems. Replaces factory automation conventional cabling and uses a single cable to connect devices factory automation to a host controller. Gateway products allow links to higher factory automation level fieldbuses.
  • Control Chief Holdings, Inc. - Holding company with subsidiary which designs, engineers and factory automation manufactures factory automation remote control devices for material handling equipment factory automation and other factory automation industrial applications. (Nasdaq: DIGM).

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