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Manufactures lift, support, damping and adjustment devices. Specializes in the automotive, appliance, swivel chair, industrial, health care and furniture markets.

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  • WireCrafters Inc. - Manufacturer\\'s wire cells, dependent on the style 840 industrial goods and services partition, used as protective enclosures for robots, machines industrial goods and services and also as physical barriers for the workplace.
  • Press Accessory Sales, LLC - Distributes OSHA-compliant press guards (Panelbar Barriers), safety pullout/holdouts industrial goods and factory automation services (Woodbury Devices), type-A gates (Gates Devices), presence sensing industrial goods factory automation and services devices (NEPS), stagger feeds (Presmate), vises.
  • R. Stahl Technology Group - Supplier of explosion protection and material handling components.
  • Bebco Industries - Supplies products which reduce the risks associated with factory automation hazardous factory automation industrial processes.
  • Frommelt Safety Products - Manufacturer of area protection products such as safety factory automation curtains, safety equipment screens and blankets for welding, grinding, spraying factory automation and noise.
  • Tapeswitch Ltd. - UK. Manufacturers of advanced electronic machine guarding systems with the safety equipment \\'Guardscan\\' range of safety light curtains and a varied range safety equipment of pressure sensitive products for signaling, sensing and control applications.
  • Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc. - Manufactures audible signal devices.
  • PH Systems b.v.b.a. - Distributes ReeR safety barriers, Riese safety relays, Pizzato safety switches, factory automation Takex sensors, AECO sensors.
  • Rodman Intl, - Manufacturer of electrical components in acoustic and luminous advisers, automatism\'s safety equipment and alarms.
  • Carlisle Barrier Systems - Manufacturing isolators for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and nuclear factory automation industries.
  • Smartscan - Manufactures Light Curtains, Press Brakes and Safety Controls.
  • Scientific Technologies Inc. - Manufacture of safety light curtains, interlocks, relays, mats and sensors.
  • Industrial Safety Controls Inc. - Provides machine safety and personnel protection controls for equipment.
  • Guarding Specialists - From the initial inspection through to risk assessment, industrial goods and safety equipment services design and manufacture of the guarding requirements. Australian.
  • Break-A-Beam Incorporated - Manufacture of a linked infra-red light beam for machine activation.
  • ReiTech Corporation - Manufacturers of the Easy Off Power Control, provides factory automation machine safeguarding equipment, training, and consultation services and factory automation safety audits.
  • Kirk Key Interlock Co. - Manufactures mechanical and electro-mechanical safety key interlocks and safety equipment interlocking systems with information on ordering, contacts, products safety equipment and the company.
  • Advanced Industrial Products - Distributes plant safety devices, electrical sensors, safety mats, industrial goods and services operator interfaces, light curtains.
  • Automation 2000 - Manufactures and installs industrial safety equipment; including foot, factory automation rope industrial goods and services and elevator switches. As well as inductive factory automation and capacitive industrial goods and services sensors. Based in Stuttgart, Germany. Site factory automation in English and industrial goods and services German.
  • Copas Industrial Instruments - Provides gas detectors and flame detectors for the industrial goods and services mining and industrial industries.
  • Gordon Engineering Corp. - Manufactures presence-sensing machine guarding devices, brake monitors and safety equipment reel controls for reeling/dereeling of materials.
  • EMSA-Technik - Supplies automatic patent barrier gates. Their specific features are increased safety equipment breaking strength, speed as well as precision in motion safety equipment and final position.
  • Anti Static Products - Specialist manufacture of equipment to control static electricity safety equipment in industrial goods and services industry.
  • Remlive Ltd - Manufactures an electrical safety product that gives a industrial goods and industrial goods and services services visual indicator of live electrical equipment. industrial goods industrial goods and services and services From UK.
  • Suspa, Incorporated - Manufactures lift, support, damping and adjustment devices. Specializes in the automotive, appliance, swivel chair, industrial, health care and furniture markets.
  • Shamrock Industries - Heat exchanger video inspection camera.

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