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Provides emission-free pneumatic power unit used in the oil and gas industry to drive chemical and glycol pumps. Canadian corporation.

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  • Hilge Pumps - German based member of the Grundfos Group specialized chemical and process chemical and process in the production of sterile and process pumps chemical and process chemical and process for use in beverage and food technology, pharmaceutical chemical and process chemical and process industry and biotechnology.
  • Nafena - Manufactures and sells pumps, chemical resistant mixers and fluid handling plastic chemical and process container. Product range includes drum and dosing fluid handling pumps. Based chemical and process in Poland.
  • Verder Group - Manufacturer of pumps, liquid and solid handling equipment with production pumps facilities in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Product range includes double pumps diaphragm, industrial hose, laboratory tube, mag drive centrifugal and gear pumps pumps.
  • BDK Process Equipment Inc - Manufactures chemical industrial valves and pumps for all chemical and process chemical and process process handling needs in India.
  • Roto Pumps Limited - Manufacturer of progressive cavity, twin screw and centrifugal fluid handling pumps fluid handling for chemical and process industries in India.
  • McFarland Pump Company, LLC - Offers a complete line of positive displacement reciprocating fluid handling plunger, fluid handling piston, and diaphragm pumps for chemical injection, fluid handling hydrostatic testing fluid handling and high pressure water jetting applications. fluid handling US based (TX).
  • Positive Metering Systems International - UK based manufacturer of pumping and chemical injection pumps packages for fluid handling the petrochemical and chemical processing industries.
  • EnviroDrive - Provides emission-free pneumatic power unit used in the pumps oil and gas industry to drive chemical and pumps glycol pumps. Canadian corporation.
  • MDM Pumps Ltd - Manufacturer of hygienic centrifugal and liquid ring self-priming pumps in pumps UK. Stainless steel products for the brewery, soft drinks, food, pumps dairy and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Gemmecotti - Italian manufacturer of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps chemical and process for acids and dangerous liquids, in sealless or chemical and process mechanical sealed design.
  • Hayward Gordon Ltd - Canada based manufacturer and distributor of pumps and mixers for the process industries. Pump Assist program helps to find a suitable pump series.
  • Fristam Pumpen F. Stamp KG - Manufacturer of centrifugal and rotary lobe pumps for hygienic applications. chemical and process Free download of the pump handbook "ABC of Pumps". Based chemical and process in Germany.
  • Orchem Pumps, Inc. - US manufacturer of pump systems, odor and dust control as well as chemical feed systems.
  • Finish Thompson, Inc. - Manufacturer of magnetically driven sealless centrifugal, drum and barrel pumps for ANSI and non-ANSI industrial process applications.
  • Albany Engineering Limited - Manufactures rotary gear, screw, and centrifugal pumps as pumps well as replacement pumps and spare parts. UK pumps based.
  • Burt Process Equipment - US manufacturer and distributor of pumps and fluid pumps handling equipment chemical and process for high purity and corrosive applications. pumps Features online shop.
  • Finder Pompe - Italian manufacturer of centrifugal, vacuum and peristaltic pumps fluid handling as well as positive displacement blowers.
  • Blackmer - Manufacturer of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps as well as pumps compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products. US pumps based part of Dover Corporation.
  • Tapflo AB - Swedish manufacturer of air operated diaphragm pumps for industrial fluid fluid handling transfer. Plastic, metal and sanitary series.
  • Sterling Fluid Systems - Manufactures pumps, vacuum technology and engineered systems. Focused pumps on niche liquid and gas applications.
  • Met-Pro Corporation - Manufactures industrial process pumps for hot oil, high fluid handling temperature pumps and other difficult applications. Headquartered in the fluid handling US (PA).
  • S. R. Industries - Manufacturer of stainless steel centrifugal and rotary lobe fluid handling pumps. Applications include pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing fluid handling industries. India.
  • Savino Barbera - Italian manufacturer of anti-corrosion plastic pumps. Centrifugal and fluid handling double fluid handling diaphragm pumps. Focus on chemical, petrochemical and fluid handling pharmaceutical industries.
  • C.S.F. - Italian manufacturer of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps pumps for the chemical and process food processing industry.
  • Wanner Engineering - Manufactures sealless positive displacement and non metal centrifugal pumps to fluid handling handle abrasive, aggressive and corrosive as well as high viscous fluid handling fluids. US based.
  • T.H.E. Electric Motor Company - UK based manufacturer of customised mag-drive centrifugal, rotary chemical and process piston and diaphragm pumps.
  • Chart Industries - US based supplier of cryogenic equipment and services including high pressure pumps.
  • Coker Pump & Equipment Co. - Fabricates engineered pump units for food processing, bio-tech, mining, pulp chemical and process and paper, waste water, chemical, aggregate, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, other industries.
  • Grovhac Inc. - Designing and manufacturing pumps, mixing equipment and systems chemical and process chemical and process for various industries. Product line includes centrifugal and chemical and process chemical and process drum pumps. Features online shop. US based.
  • Nuphlo Pumps Ltd - Specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of pumps hygienic stainless chemical and process steel centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. pumps New Zealand.
  • Sethco - Manufacturer of corrosion resistant pumps and filtration systems fluid handling for chemical and process pumping, transferring and filtering a wide range fluid handling of industrial chemical and process corrosive liquids. Product range includes drum, fluid handling vertical centrifugal, magnetic chemical and process drive horizontal and sump pumps. fluid handling US (NY) bas
  • Plastic Pump Depot - US manufacturer and distributor of plastic mag-drive, sealless, pumps and sealed centrifugal, gear, regenerative turbine, and metering pumps pumps for transfer, recirculation, dosing, and metering of pumps various chemicals.
  • Pacer Pumps - Manufactures corrosive resistant pumps molded from tough modern pumps thermoplastics for fluid handling the industrial and agricultural markets. US pumps based (PA) division of fluid handling ASM Industries.
  • OTS Pumps - Program operated by The Gorman-Rupp Company that offers a complete pumps line of small centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, including self-priming, pumps submersible and mag drive models. Different drive options available. US pumps based (OH).
  • David Brown Union Pumps - Specialized in designing and manufacturing of pumps, packages, fluid handling and pumps pump repairs for the utility, nuclear, oil, fluid handling gas, water pumps and petrochemical process industries.

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