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US manufacturer of fluid control products such as hydraulic valves and hand pumps. Applications include forestry, agriculture, mining, offshore and construction.

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  • Arihant Industries - Manufacturers of deepwell handpumps in India.
  • New Zealand Pump Company - Manufacture and distribute worldwide hand-operated plastic drum pumps hand operated that are resistant to a wide range of hand operated chemicals, oils, diesel and liquid fertilisers.
  • Just Well Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd. - Designs and manufactures chemical resistant hand pumps for fluid handling transfusing fluid handling various kinds of liquid such as petrol. fluid handling Taiwan based.
  • Binda Pompe - Produces hand pumps and accessories for industry, chemicals, hand operated marine, agricultural, and hidraulical sectors.
  • Simple Pump Company, LLC - Distributes mechanical hand pumps designed to be permanently pumps installed in hand operated domestic groundwater wells in parallel with pumps the existing submersible electric hand operated pump. Based in Nevada, pumps USA.
  • Star Hydraulics, Inc. - US manufacturer of manual hydraulic hand and foot pumps pumps, long hand operated stroke jacks, post straighteners and special pumps custom hydraulic cylinders.
  • Korina Pumps - Greek manufacturer of plastic self-priming hand pumps used fluid handling e.g. hand operated as chemical or bilge pump.
  • Hydraulic Problems, Inc. - Provides hand pumps that transfers fluids such as fluid handling hydraulic, pumps turbine or motor oil, transmission fluid, gear fluid handling lubes and pumps synthetics on both the up and fluid handling down stroke. US pumps based.
  • Consallen Group Sales Ltd. - Manufacturer of hand pumps for potable water wells hand operated and hand operated boreholes. UK based.
  • W&W Manufacturing Co. Inc. - Manufacturer of hand-operated vacuum pumps for oil and fluid handling other liquids. US based (IN).
  • Oasis Pumps Manufacturing Co. - Offers shallow well and deep well manual pumps fluid handling for hand operated regular or emergency use. US based (IN).
  • AOV International - Manufacture and export of deep and shallow well hand pumps. India based.
  • Brand Hydraulics Corporation - US manufacturer of fluid control products such as hydraulic valves and hand pumps. Applications include forestry, agriculture, mining, offshore and construction.
  • Chemineers - Supplier of diaphragm hand pumps for industrial applications. hand operated Models in different material versions can handle hand operated clear, abrasive and aggressive liquids and mixtures. Based hand operated in India.
  • Samduk Machinery Co. - Korean manufacturer of hand pumps, farm nozzles pumps and other pumps related parts for oil fields.
  • S.K. Industries - Indian manufacturer of hand pumps for water supply applications.
  • Bosworth Company - Manufactures small hand-operated diaphragm pumps, valves and accessories. hand operated US based (RI).
  • Beckson Industrial Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of hand pumps for the chemical processing, dairy farm and sanitary maintenance industries. Product line includes UL or FDA listed models for aggressive fluids resp. food processing.
  • Co-Luck-Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Produces different types of hand-operated air pumps in Taiwan.

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