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UK manufacturer of custom built packaged pumping systems, specialised in all aspects of water services, for public buildings and industrial plants.

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  • New Haden Pumps Ltd. - UK based pump manufacturer. Products include booster sets, GRP packaged pumping stations and submersible drainage and sewage pumps. Specialises in tailoring packages to meet individual project requirements. Subsidiary of Ritz Pumps.
  • Flowtronex PSI Inc - US manufacturer of modular pumping systems and controls packaged systems for water and wastewater golf, landscape and municipal applications. Product configurator packaged systems and engineering water and wastewater tables help to size the pump packaged systems system. An ITT water and wastewater Industries company.
  • Allan Aqua Systems - UK manufacturer of custom built packaged pumping systems, specialised in all aspects of water services, for public buildings and industrial plants.
  • Plad Equipment - Manufacturer and distributor of pumps and systems for water and packaged systems wastewater applications. Focus on prefabricated systems, including booster, golf irrigation, packaged systems fire pump and fuel oil systems. Based in Canada (QC).
  • Pioneer Pump, Inc. - US based manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for portable water and wastewater or stationary installations.
  • Albion Water Management - UK based manufacturer of pressurisation units and other packaged systems fluid handling equipment.
  • Greenscape Pump Services, Inc. - US based company specializing in the design, manufacture, water and wastewater and installation of architectural fountains, pump equipment, pond water and wastewater aerators, and water transfer systems.
  • Canariis Corporation - Manufactures packaged pumping systems for domestic water, irrigation, packaged systems municipal, water and wastewater fire protection, and variable speed HVAC applications.
  • Southern Pump Services Engineering Limited - Installs, supplies and maintains packaged pump stations and equipment for packaged systems the UK\\'s sewage and waste water industry. Specialized in foul packaged systems and surface water pumping.
  • Pumptronics - Canadian manufacturer of fully automatic pumping stations for golf courses and other irrigation systems.
  • Fire Pumps Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of portable fire pumps, vehicle mounting and pumps trailer as well as fire fighting equipment. Based pumps in India.
  • Engineered Fluid, Inc. - Manufactures pre-engineered, factory-built, water pumping and flow control water and wastewater packaged systems equipment, typically installed in portable water transmission lines.
  • Aquarius Fluid Products, Inc. - Packages fire pump systems. Sells individual fire pumps, jockey pumps pumps and controllers. Fabricates, complete, house packages. pumps Nolan Division tests, services and maintains existing pumps.
  • Constant Pressure Solutions - Specializes in the sale of variable frequency drive packaged systems and water and wastewater soft start systems. Design and manufacture complete packaged systems package booster water and wastewater systems. U.S. based (CA) division of packaged systems Consolidated Pump and water and wastewater Supply.
  • NKH Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd - Specialising in booster and transfer pumpsets for industrial packaged systems use, domestic and potable water pumpsets, fire fighting packaged systems pumpsets for hosereel, hydrant and sprinkler installations.
  • Pumpac Ltd. - UK based manufacturer of packaged pumping stations for building services, water and wastewater irrigation, light industrial and water utility sectors.
  • R.M.C. Supply Company - Manufactures elevator sump pumps and oil alarm systems. US based packaged systems (MD).
  • Talco Fire Pump Systems - Manufactures packaged pump systems, specialized in the fire water and wastewater industry and 13D applications. US based (OR).
  • Axiom Industries Ltd. - Canada based supplier of feed pump systems used pumps to maintain water and wastewater pressure in hydronic heating and cooling pumps systems, with or without water and wastewater glycol.
  • Basement Systems Inc. - US based (CT) supplier of sump pump systems.

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