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Manufactures ball valves for different temperatures and pressures found in the oil, natural gas, chemical and the food processing industries.

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  • Marwin Valves - Manufacturer of soft-seated one, two, tree and four ball valves way ball valves and automated accessories.
  • Proval Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufactures ball valves for applications including chemical, sanitary, valves instrumentation, cryogenic.
  • G M Engineering - Manufactures and exports investment cast ball valves. Located in Rajkot, ball valves Gujarat.
  • Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd - Mainly into manufacturing of ball valve and related valves, hoses, and fittings flanges and castings for industrial application.
  • Valtec Controls Pvt. Ltd. - Makes different ends, sizes, pneumatic and electric ball valves, hoses, and ball valves fittings valves.
  • Triad - Manufactures ball valves in sanitary design, high pressure, valves, hoses, and valves, hoses, and fittings fittings direct mountable actuators in both electric and pneumatic.
  • EFFEBI - Manufactures a wide range of custom ball valves valves, hoses, and valves fittings for industrial application in various materials and alloys.
  • Ben Lions Ind. Corp. - Manufacturer of stainless steel ball valves in Taiwan.
  • Zipson Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufactures industrial valves. Specializes in ball valves and valves, hoses, and fittings sanitary fittings.
  • Valve-Tek Mfg. Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of 1-piece reduced port, 2-piece thread ends, 3-piece flange ball valves ends ball valves in different materials.
  • BRV - Produces variety of ball, manual and thermostatic radiator valves valves.
  • LG Ball Valves Limited - Manufactures highly integrated metal seated ball valves.
  • Brooksbank Valves - Manufactures one, two and three piece, top and end entry ball valves ball valves, hydrant and wafer and plug valves.
  • Flow-chem Industries - Manufactures manual, gear and pneumatic operated 1, 2 valves, hoses, and ball valves fittings and 3 piece ball valves.
  • BROEN A/S - Manufactures ball valves, laboratory fittings and faucets.
  • EKO Engineering Ltd. - Manufacturer of ball valves in Turkey.
  • Valvtechnologies, Inc. - Manufactures severe service metal seated ball valves for valves isolation and control in high pressure, high solids valves content, high cycles and high temperature.
  • Mogas Industries, Inc. - Supplies ball valves for controlling high pressure fluids to the valves power, process and mining industries.
  • PBV-USA, Inc - Supplies trunnion-mounted and floating ball valves for use valves in industrial, mechanical, commercial applications.
  • PBV S.r.l. - Manufactures high temperature and pressure bearing; side and top entry welded ball valves.
  • HICO Valve, Taiwan - Manufacturer of stainless steel and carbon steel ball valves meeting valves, hoses, and fittings ANSI and DIN standards.
  • Ramén Trading AB - Manufactures ball valves and distributes other makes and ball valves types valves, hoses, and fittings of control valves and regulators.
  • Uniflow Ball Valves - Manufactures ball valves for application in pharmaceutical, chemical, petro-chemical, instrumentation, ball valves oil refineries, power plants, and other industries.
  • Lance Valves, Inc. - Manufacturers of ball valves with different materials for various temperatures ball valves and pressures conditions.
  • Zhejiang Yuhuan Wales Valve Co., Ltd. - Specialises in manufacturing of copper throttle valves, copper cut off ball valves and back valves and filtration ball valves.
  • DK Machine, Inc. - Manufacturer of ball valves and bearings for industrial valves application.
  • Pekos Fabricación S.A. - Spanish manufacturer of ball valves for petrochemical and related industries.
  • Hartman Ball Valves - Manufactures ball valves for different temperatures and pressures valves, hoses, and fittings found in the oil, natural gas, chemical and valves, hoses, and fittings the food processing industries.
  • Meca Inox - Manufactures industrial one, two and three piece ball valves, hoses, and fittings valves.
  • Gemini Valve - Manufactures and supplies automated and manual 1/4-inch to 2-inch ball valves valves.
  • Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. - Designs, manufactures and supplies flanged and firesafe ball valves.
  • LCM Italia Srl - Design and production of ball valves for oil, valves, hoses, and ball valves fittings chemical and petrochemical applications. Based in Italy.
  • Hwa Sung Co., Ltd - Korean based producer of various types of ball valves, hoses, and fittings and other valves applied in various industries.

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