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Includes websites which provide e-commerce, online valves shopping facilities; pages, websites having information on valves. Detailed descriptions, explanations, drawings and directory websites.

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  • Valvesearch - World Directory - A directory of industrial valve and actuator sales representatives across valves the world.
  • Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc. - Online shopping for valves, pressure Gauges, polypropylene fittings and bi-metal thermometers.
  • Petro Pages Valve - Online buyer\\'s guide providing reference to process and online shopping and resources energy industries. Suppliers cross-referenced through an industry specific online shopping and resources valve categorization system.
  • Articles on Valves - Links to many articles on valves and control valves valves.
  • The Valve Shop - Online shopping facility for automated valves, actuators and valves, hoses, and fittings accessories.
  • Valveweb - A directory for valve repair, distribution, and manufacturing valves companies.
  • Valve Diagnostics - Online resource for valve installation, operation and maintenance knowledgebase.
  • Valve Resource - Online technical resources for the fluid and gas control valve industry.
  • Valve China - Informational site on valve manufacturing in China. valves, hoses, and online shopping and resources fittings Includes industrial and market trends and international valve valves, hoses, online shopping and resources and fittings manufacturing standards.
  • - Purchase online valves, actuators and controls for liquids online shopping and resources and gas handling.

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