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A pinch valve controls the flow of media through flexible tubing. They operate on the principle that pinching opposite walls of tubing together creates a blockage past which media cannot flow. They are ideal for applications where sterility or purity is essential, or where the media is difficult to handle.

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  • Hass Manufacturing Company - Manufacturers of proportional and water temperature control and valves, hoses, and valves fittings pinch valves used in industrial process control, photographic valves, hoses, valves and fittings and food processing.
  • Z-Man Corporation - Makers of anti-snap pinch valves for the application in small and large diameter soft tubes.
  • AKO UK Ltd - UK based manufacturer of valves and fluid handling pinch valves components pinch valves with focus on industrial pinch valves.
  • RF Valve - Full line of pinch valves in standard ASME/ANSI B16, DIN and ISO face-to-face dimensions -- 1-in. to 40-in. High resistance to abrasion, scaling, corrosion, plugging.
  • Acro Associates, Inc. - Manufactures electric, pneumatic pinch valves and other fluid control systems for medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.
  • Elasto Valve Products, Inc. - Canada based manufacturers of pinch and check valves, hoses, and valves, hoses, and fittings fittings valves, sensors, connectors, and expansion joints.

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