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Provides capacitive sensors, analog and digital products, systems for detection and discrimination of cracks in turbine engines and systems to measure vibration of turbine blades. Includes data sheets and product manuals.

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  • AG KK&K - Manufacture and distributor of turbines, compressors, blowers and fans. Includes generators product and shareholder information.
  • Orenda Aerospace Corporation - Supplies and maintains industrial gas turbine generators.
  • Kite International Ltd. - Gas turbine component overhaul facility. Used parts and industrial supply turbines available.
  • Capstone Turbine - Micro turbine distribution information, industry news and events from power industrial supply generation system supplier.
  • Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc. - Steam and gas turbine generator maintenance or emergency generators repair. Includes generators online safety manual.
  • BTEC Turbines - Offers power plant design, construction and support for turbine gas turbines. industrial supply Recent company projects featured on turbine website.
  • Power Systems Mfg., LLC - Engineering, manufacturing and field support services to owners turbine of industrial gas turbines. Includes products, manufacturing turbine capabilities, and contact information.
  • Turbine Power International, Inc. - Offers services dedicated to the engineering of power turbine generating equipment and systems.
  • Patented Systems, Inc. - Gas turbine service company offering a line of products, parts, repairs, and technical information. Surplus equipment available.
  • Highlands Industrial Turbine Service - Products include controls for automatic paralleling, fuel pumps and turbine controls.
  • Tuma Turbomach - Manufacturing, supply, and maintenance of 1 to 50 generators MW gas turbine plants.
  • International Gas Turbine Institute - ASME - A portal-type resource site for the world\\'s gas turbine community. An offshoot of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The site offers news, events, resources, and forums for the dedicated gas turbine professional.
  • Advanced Turbine - Informational source for wind, gas and steam powered turbine generators.
  • Allied Dynamic Corp - USA.Manufacturers of turbine spare parts for gas turbine systems in industrial supply power generation plants, electric utilities and the oil industry.
  • M & I Power Technology - Installations of ancillary equipment for gas turbines. Information generators about products, turbine key personnel and contact details.
  • Aerogage Corporation - Provides capacitive sensors, analog and digital products, systems generators for detection generators and discrimination of cracks in turbine generators engines and systems to generators measure vibration of turbine generators blades. Includes data sheets and product generators manuals.
  • CFAS Enterprises Inc. - Marketplace for the procurement of secondary market gas turbine and industrial supply diesel generators.
  • Aviation Turbine Services - Offers rebuilding and repair of gas turbine air starting modules. industrial supply Services Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Transatlantic and Far Eastern industrial supply markets.
  • TC Power - Provides advanced gas turbine maintenance.

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