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Manufacturer of specialized equipment designed to wash and dry bulky sports equipment, including sports uniforms with pads and attached gear. A unique bag system keeps each set separate, eliminating the need to sort after cleaning.

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  • R and R Laundry Equipment - UK-based international suppliers of reconditioned laundry equipment for industry, including cleaning equipment washers, dryers, ironers, feeders, folders, finishers and dry cleaning machinery.
  • Girbau SA - Manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment including washer-extractors, flatwork cleaning equipment ironers, cleaning equipment continuous batch washer.
  • Bertarini Guido & Son - Italian supplier of reconditioned cleaning, ironing and pressing machinery and tools cleaning equipment equipment for hotels, hospitals and drycleaners.
  • Ardee - Scottish distributor of commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment. Agents for Miele, Viking, Primus/Lavamak, Electrolux, Clenaware, and Speedqueen.
  • (CILS) Commercial Industrial Laundry Equipment Inc - Sales service and parts for all commercial and laundering Industrial laundry machinery and tools applications. Distributors of Dexter, GA Braun, laundering Forenta, and Unipress. Also machinery and tools coin laundry equipment dry laundering cleaning equipment. Full service Company located machinery and tools in central laundering PA serving PA MD DEL NY WV
  • Advantage Equipment, Inc - Distributor of commercial laundry equipment supplying coin laundries, on-premise laundries, laundering health care facilities, hotel, car wash, and dry cleaners.
  • BG Lieberman - USA. Distributors of alteration equipment and supplies for cleaning equipment the machinery and tools dry cleaning industry and apparel trade.
  • PAC Industries, Inc. - Pennsylvania distributor of new and used laundry machinery, laundering including Milnor, Chicago, Huebsch, and ADC.
  • Washpoint - Site provides information about DryWash and dry cleaning with CO2.
  • Marinelli Components - Distributor of spare parts for dry cleaning machines.
  • Chicago Dryer Company - Chicago is a specialist in flatwork finishing system, commercial laundry cleaning equipment equipment, and textile finishing systems.
  • Ellis Corporation - Manufacture of quality commercial laundry and wastewater equipment. cleaning equipment Field machinery and tools proven since 1898.
  • Hudson Equipment - Ohio-based distributors of new and used dry-cleaning and laundering laundry equipment. Providing store development services including site laundering selection and follow-up support.
  • Armstrong Commercial Laundry Equipment - British distributor and service center for Speedqueen, Huebsch, cleaning equipment Unimac, laundering Lapauw, and Schulthess: machines, parts, rentals and cleaning equipment service since laundering 1878.
  • ABS Laundry Logic - Laundry industry technology information.
  • Italclean Srl - Italy. Design and manufacture of industrial dry-cleaning and laundry machinery, and tumble dryers. Technical information and machine specifications. English, Italian and French.
  • Apparel Machinery & Supply Co. - Sales and remanufacture of pressing and finishing equipment.
  • Chung Moo Machine Co., Ltd - Lorea. Design and manufacture of industrial washing, dry-cleaning, machinery and tools drying and ironing machinery. Technical information and machine machinery and tools specifications. English and Korean.
  • Esporta Wash Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of specialized equipment designed to wash and laundering dry bulky laundering sports equipment, including sports uniforms with laundering pads and attached gear. laundering A unique bag laundering system keeps each set separate, eliminating laundering the need laundering to sort after cleaning.
  • Huebsch Laundry Equipment - Manufacturer of coin-operated and on premise commercial laundry equipment. Parts machinery and tools and financing for both vended and on premise laundry environments. machinery and tools Company located in Wisconsin.
  • Cleaners' Finishing Equipment - Sankosha - Manufacturer of cleaners' finishing equipment with worldwide distribution
  • Brim Laundry - Manufacturers and distributors of a broad range of cleaning equipment laundering laundering equipment including Brim, Ajax, Boewe-Passat, Cissell, Colmac, cleaning equipment Edro, Huebsch, laundering Unipress, and Williams and Davis.
  • Kuhn Laundry Equipment Co. - German distributor of new and rebuilt laundry equipment. Also offers machinery and tools service and spare parts.
  • Direct Machinery - Sales and service of new and reconditioned industrial laundry, coin-operated laundering and dry-cleaning equipment including parts. Full line distributor located in laundering NY.
  • Lapauw NV - Belgium. Design and manufacture of ironing, folding, feeding, washing and washer extractors for the laundry industry.
  • Qualitex - Manufacturer of dry cleaning and garment apparel press pads.
  • Haiges Machinery - Midwestern distributor of commercial laundry and dry cleaning laundering equipment. Also laundering offers service, parts and business opportunities.
  • Kleentech - New Zealand manufacturer of commercial and industrial laundry cleaning equipment equipment, machinery and tools both solvent-based and water-based. Primarily serving New cleaning equipment Zealand and machinery and tools Fiji.
  • Stanco Industries, Inc. - Partial listing of used industrial laundry machinery and laundering services. Washers, cleaning equipment dryers, folders, ironers, presses, boilers, extractors.
  • Mosena Enterprises Inc. - Virginia distributor and quality rebuilder of laundry and cleaning equipment drycleaning laundering equipment including pressing and finishing equipment, washer cleaning equipment extractors, and laundering dryers.
  • Jiffy Steamer - Manufacturer of professional and residential steam cleaner and cleaning equipment wrinkle laundering remover equipment.
  • Tipps Service Company - Tipps Service Company: dry cleaning equipment, commercial washers machinery and tools and dryers, laundry presses, and coin washers and machinery and tools dryers.
  • Commercial Laundry Co. - Supply, installation, maintenance and rental of industrial washing machinery and tools machinery and tools machines, tumble dryers, spin dryers and ironing machinery. machinery and tools machinery and tools Located in the UK.
  • Coin Laundry Supplies - Australian distributor of industrial and commercial coin-operated clothes machinery and tools dryers and rental washing machines.
  • Han Seong Machinery.Mfg.Co. - Korean manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment. Including washers,extractors,drying machinery and tools tumblers, and separators.
  • Pierce Machinery - Arizona distributor of all types of new and used laundry machinery and laundry equipment such as washers extractors, dryers, garment finishing equipment, boilers and hot water heaters.
  • Hoffman/New Yorker, Inc. - NY Manufacturer of quality industrial laundry, dry cleaning cleaning equipment and laundering apparel manufacturing equipment. Including form finishers, cleaning equipment steam presses, laundering boilers, blowers, toppers, alteration rooms and cleaning equipment remanufactured presses.
  • On Premise Laundry Systems Inc. - On Premise Laundry System (OPLS)Inc. is Coinamatic\\'s specialized machinery and tools commercial and industrial laundry systems provider. OPLS supplies machinery and tools institution, businesses, laundromats, hospitals, restaurants, resorts, and industries machinery and tools with a wide range of laundry machinery and tools equipme
  • A. C. Power Company - Pennsylvania distributor of commercial, industrial and institutional laundry and dry laundering cleaning equipment.
  • JinLing Electrical Company Limited - Domestic style clothes washers.
  • Danube International - French manufacturer of laundry equipment, including: flatwork dryer-ironers, finishers, tumble dryers, washer-extractors, pass-thru washers and wet cleaning equipment.
  • JLA Distributors - British distributor of commercial laundry equipment (washers, dryers, cleaning equipment extractors, machinery and tools ironers, finishing equipment) including Maytag, IPSO, ADC cleaning equipment and JLA.
  • UniMac On-Premise Laundry Equipment - Manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment and parts for the nursing machinery and tools home, car wash, dry cleaner, hotel, correctional facility and hospitality machinery and tools industry. Product listings, architects guide, distributor locator and training guides.
  • Arnopole - Manufacturer of light-bar counting systems for industrial laundries, dye-houses, textile machinery and tools processing and general manufacturing facilities.

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