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Waterjet and abrasivejet machining related information. Beginner and advanced topics discussed, as well as job shop listings, FAQs, pictures, water jet buyers guide, links to abrasive and uhp spare parts suppliers and classified advertising.

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  • Remcon Inc. - Specializes in the abrasive cutting of metals, glass, cutting and machining cutting machinery stone, and pure cutting of foams, plastics, cutting and machining cutting machinery rubber, and composites.
  • H G Ridder GmBH - German manufacturer of ultra high pressure abrasive waterjet cutting and machining and special purpuse cutting systems.
  • Waterjet-Tech, Inc. - WTI offers advanced waterjet machining services, new process cutting and machining cutting and machining development, and custom systems.
  • Jet Edge - Manufacturer of ultra-high pressure equipment for precision water cutting machinery jet waterjet cutting, surface preparation and coatings removal. Offers cutting machinery standard and waterjet custom designed systems. Minnesota, USA.
  • KMT Waterjet Systems - Company which invented the waterjet intensifier. Produces intensifiers, abrasive transfer waterjet and metering systems, cutting nozzles and high pressure components.
  • Ormond LLC - Specializes in design and manufacture of customized waterjet based machine waterjet tools and contract cutting and tooling production services. Explanation of waterjet waterjet process and applications.
  • PaR Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of waterjet cutting machines and high value cutting machinery remote cutting and machining and robotic systems for a range of cutting machinery applications.
  • Waterjet Web Reference - Waterjet and abrasivejet machining related information. Beginner and advanced topics discussed, as well as job shop listings, FAQs, pictures, water jet buyers guide, links to abrasive and uhp spare parts suppliers and classified advertising.
  • International Waterjet Parts - Supplies spare parts for waterjet cutting systems. Long waterjet life nozzles, cutting and machining high pressure and low pressure seal waterjet kits, diamond or sapphire cutting and machining ORFC paser, paser collet, waterjet check and needle value assemblies.
  • OMAX Corporation - Manufacturer of ultra high pressure abrasive waterjet machining waterjet equipment.
  • Jetsis International Pte. Ltd. - Maylasia. Manufactures abrasive waterjet cutting and cleaning systems. Includes offshore waterjet and portable units for emergency, marine, and offshore use, as waterjet well as special purpose models for semiconductor and medical markets.
  • Superior Waterjet Services - Waterjet Cutting Michigan. Superior Waterjet Services can cut any metal, cutting and machining stone, tile, and glass material with unmatched accuracy for precise cutting and machining specifications.
  • Waterjet Machining - Information site that explains the technology and equipment involved in waterjet waterjet cutting operations. Includes links to sources of additional waterjet information.
  • 3 Group Ltd - UK Company to manufacture waterjet cutting equipment and support waterjet cutting systems to customers throughout the world.
  • Abrasive Waterjet Technologies - Methods and systems for generating abrasive waterjets for general, fine cutting and machining and micro machining are described and information provided on the cutting and machining fluid dynamics of cutting heads and their abrasive feed systems.
  • International Waterjet Machines - Design and manufacture of high pressure equipment such cutting machinery as waterjet cutting and cleaning machines, and spare parts. cutting machinery Site has waterjet videos, photographs, and list of services. cutting machinery California, USA.
  • Accustream Waterjet Supply Company - After market waterjet spare parts supplier. Products work cutting and machining with Flow, Omax, Jet Edge and KMT cutting and machining Waterjet machines.
  • TrennTek GmbH - Supplier of Waterjet Equipment including focusing nozzles, ruby cutting machinery and cutting machinery saphire orifices, spare parts, seal kits, replacement cutting machinery parts for cutting machinery other manufacturers.[English, German]
  • Aqua Energy Systems Ltd. - British manufacturer of equipment and accessories for use in industrial cutting machinery cleaning, surface preparation, and concrete cutting.
  • Romeo Engineering - Turn-key waterjet cutting systems. Standard and custom work envelopes are available. Spare parts and consumables are available.
  • Flow Asia Corporation - Ultrahigh-pressure pumps and components, waterjet cutting systems, field cutting machinery cleaning systems, surface preparation systems.
  • Advanced Waterjet Technologies - Service contractor offering a range of waterjet equipment and services. waterjet Based in Minnesota, USA.
  • Water Jetting Directory - Directory of manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers of water waterjet jetting equipment cutting and machining and services. Also features news, information waterjet and articles.
  • Hagen International - Hagen International services all makes and models of waterjet machines.
  • UltraStream Waterjet Spare Parts - Manufacturer and distributor of waterjet spare parts and cutting and machining cutting machinery consumable supplies. Also distributes abrasive garnet.
  • Waterjet Technology Association - Offers membership to waterjet users, manufacturers, distributors, researchers, regulators, and cutting machinery consultants throughout the world. A wide range of technical cutting machinery publication is available.
  • Power Jet Systems - Waterjet equipment manufacturer in UK
  • Waterjet Service - Company designs, manufactures, and supports a complete line waterjet of ultra waterjet high-pressure waterjet cutting products
  • Waterjet Parts L.L.C. - Authorized distributor of spare parts and components for major brands of waterjet equipment. Includes diamond, sapphire, and ruby orifices, on/off valve repair kits, and seal kits.
  • WaterJet Sweden AB - More than 25 years of experience in the waterjet manufacture of cutting machinery water-jet cutting systems. Plants all over waterjet Europe.
  • AMC Jets Limited - UK. Suppliers of high-pressure sapphire water jets and cutting and machining cutting machinery focusing nozzles, as well as flow style spare cutting and machining cutting machinery parts and jewels to customer specifications. Diagrams and cutting and machining cutting machinery technical specifications.
  • Gardella s.r.l. - Manufacturer of UHP natural diamond orifices. Raplacement cutting machinery and cutting and machining consumable parts for waterjet cutting machines. Including; cutting machinery abrasive nozzles, cutting and machining orifice in sapphire-ruby and high pressure cutting machinery components.
  • Creative Edge Corporation - Specializing in fabrication and installation of marble, granite, cutting machinery and cutting machinery natural stone.
  • Flow International Corporation - Development and manufacturing of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet and abrasive waterjet waterjet systems cutting and machining for advanced commercial applications and a waterjet provider of robotics equipment.
  • Flowtech Engineering srl - Manufacture a range of water cutting equipment. Includes product overviews waterjet and photographs. Site in English and Italian .
  • Resato International B.V - Manufacturer for High pressure components, systems, and waterjet cutting equipment.
  • China Garnet - Provide high quality crushed abrasive garnet world wide.
  • WSP srl - Waterjet Spare Parts - Supplier of spare parts for water jet systems, waterjet custom applications, field service.
  • Universal Minerals, Inc. - Provider of garnet and baking soda blast abrasives and equipment for industrial abrasive blasting applications such as waterjet cutting, soda blasting, water blasting, sandblasting, coatings removal, coal washing and other applications.
  • Techni Automation - Specializes in the design, development and installation of waterjet complete turn-key waterjet cutting machines and solutions, exporting waterjet worldwide from Australia.
  • StoneAge Inc - High pressure rotary 2D and 3D waterjetting nozzles, waterjet swivels, couplers, cutting machinery lances, positioners, floor cleaners and blasting waterjet systems for sewer cleaning, cutting machinery hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning.

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