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Manufactures products for the molding and mold-making industries, offering everything from standard ejector pins to complex runnerless mold systems with precision temperature controllers.

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  • A-G Tool & Die Company. - Designs and develops precision dies, fixtures, jigs, tooling, and special die design purpose machinery for machine tool and other industries. Emphasis die design is on close work with customer to ensure satisfaction.
  • M2 Systems, Inc. - Direct product output via milling and rapid prototyping accessories machinery, sales of software and hardware, and training accessories assistance in several software packages.
  • Felber Design Service Inc. - Provides stamping die design service for wide variety of parts and components. Downloadable files of sample end products.
  • Andrew L. S. Design - Features a design firm that uses CAD to die design develop progressive and compound dies.
  • S & R Engineering Inc. - Offers range of services related to design of die design stamping die design dies. Capabilities include progressive, line, transfer, and die design body panel die design dies, as well as solid modeling, die design detailing, and checking. die design Site provide details of software die design and filing facilities.
  • Sunset Tool - Trim die building for customers in die casting, foundries, forging, die design plastic injection.
  • Minnesota Tool and Die Works - Specialist manufacturing of big dies -- up (to tooling, tools, consumables die design 12 feet long) -- complex dies, and custom tooling, tools, consumables die design machinery. High-speed progressive dies and complex metal stamping tooling, tools, consumables die design dies.
  • J├╝rgen Jeurink GmbH - Germany. Specializes in dies for diecutting presses. Catalogue available tooling, tools, consumables upon request, with online ordering facility. Also manufactures diecutting tooling, tools, consumables cylinders and flatbed and rotary diecutters.
  • Adams Technologies, Inc. - Equipment and software for steel rule diemakers. \\'EasyBender,\\' \'EasyCutter,\' lasers, rubber cutters, CAD, MIS software.
  • Tool and Die Design Services - Design services to the stamping industry.
  • Die Craftsment International - Custom manufacturers of cutting dies for non-metallic materials.
  • Delaware Machinery and Tool Company Inc. - Full service manufacturers of large casting dies. Offers tooling, tools, consumables range of engineering and research and development support tooling, tools, consumables services to customers.
  • Danly IEM - Specializes in online supply of dies sets and range of die making components. Includes guide posts, bushings, springs, cams, wear products, tools, and hardware. Site incorporates details of available items.
  • Namo Enterprises - Designs progressive dies, 4-slide tooling, assembly dies. Manufacturing die design drawings from prototypes.
  • National Tool & Manufacturing Co. - Manufactures products for the molding and mold-making industries, die design offering tooling, tools, consumables everything from standard ejector pins to complex die design runnerless mold tooling, tools, consumables systems with precision temperature controllers.
  • Allsons Inc. - Manufactures standard and custom steel rule die punches. Design tooling, tools, consumables includes ability to hold tight tolerances incorporate self cleaning.
  • NBC Engraving Co. - Time stamp plates, brass type and dies for hot stamping, accessories and gold stamping of leather goods and plastics.
  • C&C Die Engraving Inc. - Manufactures, services, and repairs rotary and flat dies, especially for accessories the flexographic tag and label industry. Products include dies, cylinders, accessories and gears.
  • Nance Tool & Die, Inc. - Die makers, metal stamping operations.
  • Oberg Industries - Makes stamping dies, metal stampings, automated assembly systems, die design container accessories tooling. Metal part prototyping.
  • R.F. Flood Industrial Supply Corp. - Offers selection of supplies for the tool die design and die industry. Site incorporates detailed alphabetical die design list of available and stocked items.
  • Star Tool & Die - Specializes in fabrication of stamping dies and precision tooling to accessories customer specifications. Services include design based on job requirements.
  • Maple Precision Tooling - Custom machining, milling, drilling, CNC, fabricating, water jet tooling, tools, consumables cutting, laser cutting, nickel forming, design and manufacture tooling, tools, consumables of knife dies and stamps used in industry tooling, tools, consumables applications.
  • Three Star Manufacturing Co. Inc. - Specializes in design and production of high speed die design progressive die design and deep draw dies. Also supplies die design stampings for die design several different industries.
  • VK Machining & Manufacturing - Profile extrusion dies, rod extrusion dies, pipe extrusion die design dies, die components, plastic parts take-out robors, rod die design take-out brakes.
  • Naef Presses and Dies, Inc. - Since 1909 in laboratory presses and dies for cutting paper, die design plastics, cardboard, textiles, rubber. Any soft material.
  • LH Industries - Manufactures precision stamping and carbide lamination dies. Site describes die design underlying technology, range of products and related equipment, and available die design emergency repair, spare part, and technical support services.
  • Danly IEM, Inc. - Product set includes a wide range of catalog die design die die design sets, guide posts, bushings, die springs, punches, die design air presses, die design wear plates and cams, and other die design diemakers supplies.
  • Indacom Tooling Group - Specializes in design and production of tooling from accessories customer sketches, drawings, or CAD files. Facilities include accessories use of try-out equipment. Products range from sheet accessories metal dies to plastic injection molds.
  • Atlanta Die Inc. - Manufacturers of steel rule cutting dies. Markets served include accessories corrugated, gasket, label, paper, and plastic industries.
  • .dwg Design Services - Specializes in wide range of die design services. Capabilities include accessories part and strip layouts; general concept, flow chart, assembly, and accessories detailed drawings; and bills of materials.

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