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Maintenance tools and laser systems for proper shaft alignment of rotating equipment; belt/pulley alignment; bearing heaters; SS precut shims; machinery alignment services, training courses.

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  • On-trak Photonics Corporation - Manufacturer of measurement equipment based on position sensing detector (PSD) machinery and tools technology that meet increasing demand for non-contact measurement of position, machinery and tools distance motion, and vibration.
  • Alignment Supplies, Inc. - Supplies laser shaft alignment and other belt and rotating shaft machinery and tools machinery alignment tools.
  • Damalini - Develop and manufacture laser based equipment for measurement alignment and alignment of machines and plants. Shaft alignment. alignment Belt transmission, Straightness, Flatness, Sqareness, Parallelity, Spindle alignment alignment, Level and Plumbline.
  • Laseraim Tools Inc. - Manufactures visible laser levels and alignment tools.
  • LumberLine Laser - Manufacturers rugged industrial lasers and fixture assemblies for the lumber industrial metrology industry, producers of architectural marble, metal fabricators, and other applications industrial metrology where visual pre-alignment for material processing is required.
  • Measurement & Machine Technology - Use laser alignment and calibration equipment with conventional machinery and tools measuring tools to perform machine inspections and adjustments. machinery and tools Machine tool alignment, calibration, certification. Shaft-to-shaft alignment, dynamometer. machinery and tools Roseville MI.
  • Latec Instruments Inc. - Design and manufacturing organization of laser-based alignment systems, alignment industrial and plant controls.
  • Heartland Industrial Solutions - Offers maintenance tools and laser measurement instruments for the proper alignment alignment of shafts for rotating equipment.
  • Velmex UniSlide - Velmex makes stock and custom manual and motor industrial metrology driven positioning equipment for science and industry. Includes industrial metrology precision dovetail slides, X-Y tables, rotary tables, elevating industrial metrology tables, linear bearings, turntables, computer controlled multi-axis slide industrial metrology system
  • VibrAlign, Inc. - Distributes equipment and software for laser shaft alignment, industrial metrology machinery machinery and tools condition monitoring, ultrasonic testing, lubrication analysis and industrial metrology vibration testing.
  • Pruftechnik AG - Laser shaft alignment, condition monitoring expert induction heating industrial metrology and machinery and tools non-destructive testing
  • Elos Fixturlaser AB - Develops, manufactures and markets laser based shaft alignment alignment systems globally.
  • Ludeca - Maintenance tools and laser systems for proper shaft alignment of machinery and tools rotating equipment; belt/pulley alignment; bearing heaters; SS precut shims; machinery machinery and tools alignment services, training courses.

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