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Manufacturer and distributor of products for metal fabrication including cutting, welding, and finishing. Plasma torches, leads and consumable parts suitable for plasma cutting and welding equipment.

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  • Adtec Plasma Technology - Japan-based company to develop and manufacture RF/Plasma equipment for use industrial goods and services in various industries (i.e. semiconductor / solar, etc).
  • Applied Plasma Technologies - Company designs and manufactures plasma assisted combustion systems including plasma igniters, plasma pilots, plasma fuel nozzles and plasma fuel converters on the basis of thermal and non-thermal plasmatrons.
  • Coatings Consulting - We offer expertise in coatings deposited by physical plasma technology vapor deposition (PVD) techniques. Areas of expertise: plasma plasma technology assisted deposition processes, failure investigation, new materials engineering plasma technology training, and expert witness.
  • AcXys Technologies - AcXys offer a unique atmospheric pressure plasma technology for surface treatment, surface preparation and surface modification.
  • Harrick Plasma - Supplier of tabletop plasma surface treatment equipment for industrial goods and industrial goods and services services laboratory and small-scale production use. Applications include nanoscale industrial goods industrial goods and services and services surface cleaning, surface activation, prebond preparation and surface industrial industrial goods and services goods and services chemistry modification of a wide variety of materia
  • Gambetti Vacuum Technology - Company produces low pressure table top plasma systems with RF plasma technology 13,56 MHz or LF 50 KHz power supply. This small plasma technology systems are suitable for surface modification. Used for cleaning, surface plasma technology activation, surface etching and material deposition.
  • March Plasma Systems, Inc. - Designs and manufactures a complete line of gas plasma technology plasma plasma technology treatment systems for the semiconductor, medical and plasma technology PCB industries.
  • North American Cutting Systems - Plasma cutting machines, oxyfuel torches, waterjet cutting systems, industrial goods and industrial goods and services services CO2 lasers. New and used equipment.
  • UCP Processing Ltd. - Supplier of plasma cleaning systems, based in Balzers, plasma technology Liechtenstein. machinery and tools Company description and information on advantages of plasma technology plasma cleaning machinery and tools technology and plasma cleaning applications.
  • Surfx Technologies - The company offers a full range of atmospheric machinery and tools pressure plasmas for materials processing.
  • Digital Welding Systems, Inc. - Orbital tube and pipe cutting and welding equipment specialists. Tools industrial goods and services for cutting, preping, fitting, purging, welding, and inspection used in industrial goods and services the fabrication and installation of piping systems.
  • Odyssey Technical Solutions - Specializes in rf generators, microwave generators / power industrial goods and plasma technology services supplies, automatch networks and dc power supplies. Our industrial goods plasma technology and services services include repair, refurbishment, core exchanges, process and industrial plasma technology goods and services equipment engineering, and equipment sales.
  • Pro-Fusion Technologies, Inc. - Offers tungsten welding electrode materials, electrodes pre-ground to industrial goods and services specification, tungsten electrode grinders and plasma welding torches.
  • Plasma Antennas LTD - The company developing plasma antennas to meet large plasma technology demands plasma technology in civil and defence markets. A plasma plasma technology antenna generates plasma technology localised concentrations of plasma to form plasma technology a plasma mirror plasma technology which deflects an RF beam plasma technology launched from a central plasma technology feed.
  • Adtec Europe Limited, - Distributor of RF power generators, automatic impedance matching plasma technology networks, industrial goods and services high-precision RF measurement equipment and atmospheric plasma plasma technology sources.
  • CEVP Ltd. - Research and development for thin film coating and plasma technology etching, machinery and tools and equipment for PVD and PECVD systems.
  • Plasma Cutting Machines at Automated Products - Automated Products offers quality affordable services for CNC industrial goods and machinery and tools services cutting machines. Parts are available as well as industrial goods machinery and tools and services diagnostic, repair, training and retrofitting services.
  • Arcraft Plasma Equipment - The company located in Maharashtra, India, manufactures air machinery and tools industrial goods and services plasma cutting machines, micro plasma welding machines, keyhole machinery and tools industrial goods and services plasma welding systems up to 10mm thick plates, machinery and tools industrial goods and services and inverter power sources. It also hosts a machinery and tools industrial goods and services training school for welding and cutting
  • Teer Coatings Limited - A specialist PVD coating company and manufacturer of plasma technology PVD industrial goods and services and PECVD deposition systems based in the plasma technology UK.
  • XEI Scientific, Inc. - Supplier of the Evactron RF plasma cleaning system industrial goods and services for the removal of carbon and hydrocarbons from industrial goods and services electron microscopes and other high vacuum systems using industrial goods and services low power plasma and air to make oxygen industrial goods and services radicals for plasma ashing.
  • Yield Engineering Systems (YES) - Builds plasma cleaning and stripping equipment used in the semiconductor plasma technology and biotech industries for surface¬†treatment and surface modification.
  • San Giorgio Plasma - Distributor of torches and consumables for mechanized and industrial goods and services hand-held plasma cutting machines.
  • Precision Products - Manufacturer and distributor of products for metal fabrication machinery and tools including cutting, welding, and finishing. Plasma torches, leads machinery and tools and consumable parts suitable for plasma cutting and machinery and tools welding equipment.
  • PVA Tepla America, Inc. - Offers microwave plasma processing used in the fabrication plasma technology of industrial goods and services microchips, MEMS devices, photovoltaic cells, medical diagnostic plasma technology material, PCB, industrial goods and services flat panel displays and detectors.
  • Saintech Ion Beam Systems - Provides gridless ion sources for ion assisted deposition, industrial goods and plasma technology services substrate cleaning and all physical vapor deposition thin industrial goods plasma technology and services film processes. Saintech also produces a range of industrial plasma technology goods and services ion beam detectors for in situ monitoring and plasma technology industrial goods and services process control. Based in Australia.
  • A-Flame - Company manufactures arc spray, flame spray, plasma spray, plasma technology HVOF, and detonation coating systems.
  • Plasma Surface Technology - A German based company with a focus on plasma technology machinery and tools for surface treatment. Main applications are cleaning, activation, etching and machinery and tools coating of different materials by low pressure plasma.
  • Diener Electronic GmbH & Co. - The Nagold, Germany, based company with a focus plasma technology on machinery and tools plasma technology for surface treatment. Main applications plasma technology are cleaning, machinery and tools activation, etching and coating of different plasma technology materials.
  • Beam and Plasma Technologies Inc. - We provide a world-level expertise in beams and plasma technologies. plasma technology We also have a vast experience in applied physics and plasma technology nanotechnologies in the real-world business applications.
  • Plasmatech, Inc - Company dedicated to advanced coating and surface treatment plasma technology solutions. machinery and tools Site includes technical application notes about low plasma technology pressure plasma machinery and tools technology including PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical plasma technology vapor deposition), polymer machinery and tools surface modification and ultra pure
  • LAM Research Corporation - Company provides products for etch, chemical mechanical planarization, machinery and tools and cleaning.
  • JE PlasmaConsult - Microwave and RF driven low pressure Plasma sources machinery and tools industrial goods and services and systems, atmospheric pressure plasmas, job coating (PECVD, machinery and tools industrial goods and services PVD) , feasibility studies, consulting. Located in Wuppertal, machinery and tools industrial goods and services Germany.
  • MANTIS Deposition Ltd. - A company dedicated to manufacturing of high-quality deposition machinery and tools components for cutting-edge applications. Product offerings include nanocluster machinery and tools deposition sources and systems, atom and ion sources, machinery and tools e-beam evaporators, k-cells and thermal gas crackers.
  • Techsouth, Inc. - Complete source for orbital welding needs. Stock products for pipe industrial goods and services clamp, cutting and beveling, tube squaring, purge monitoring and video industrial goods and services probe needs.
  • PVD Coatings - Website contains information about PVD coatings technology and theory, along plasma technology with consultancy.
  • Plasma Quest Ltd - A UK based company. The PQL coating system plasma technology is based on a remote high density plasma plasma technology generated in a side chamber and its propagation plasma technology into the main process chamber. This leads to plasma technology precision, stability, reproductibility, stress control, and new process plasma technology develo
  • General Plasma Inc. - Manufacturer of custom vacuum systems, large area, high machinery and tools machinery and tools rate PECVD sources, ion sources, and custom industrial machinery and tools machinery and tools sensors

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