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Taiwan. Manufactures range of reverse osmosis water filtration systems and accessories. Site includes photos of units available for residential and commercial/industrial applications.

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  • Danish Separation Systems AS - Denmark. Manufactures advanced filtration and separation systems machinery and tools process equipment and membranes for the biotech, chemical, diary, and machinery and tools process equipment food and beverage industries. Site incorporates detailed machinery and tools process equipment product, technology, and application information.
  • C.C. Jensen Ltd.Solutions in oil filtration - Specializes in oil contamination control through variety of process equipment offline filtration and separation units. Main applications include process equipment hydraulic, lubrication, and fuel systems.
  • Eta Engineering Inc. - Specializes in customized turnkey air pollution control systems, machinery and tools filtration especially for heavy industry. Focus is on machinery and tools filtration dust and emission control as well as acid machinery and tools filtration gas and hazardous waste neutralization.
  • Windeco s.a.s. - Italy. Manufactures broad rang of air filtration and dust emission machinery and tools control products. Includes hoses, hose clamps, nozzles, gaskets, venturi pipes, machinery and tools and cartridges. Services include assessment and improvement of existing systems.
  • Asseau s.a./n.v. - Belgium. Specializes in sales and applications of filtration active charcoal filtration as a filtering agent for purifying, filtration deodorizing, recovery, and dispersion filtration of air, gases, and filtration liquids.
  • Weaver Commodities & Associates - Offers filtration supplies and equipment, including wedge screens and media machinery and tools for filtration and adsorption (silica gels, zeolites, and activated carbon). machinery and tools UK.
  • MSC Liquid Filtration - Specializes in supply of liquid and air filtration filtration products filtration for variety of process industries. Includes filtration filters, pumps, housings, and filtration broad range of filtration filtration units. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Peterson Filters Corporation - Designs and manufactures vacuum filtration equipment and related machinery and tools accessories for the mining and process industries. Site machinery and tools incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • Liquid Filtration Consultants - The Netherlands. Manufactures range of liquid filtration filtration units. Includes machinery and tools vertical, hoizontal, rotating, tilting, centrifugal, pulse filtration tube, and leaf models. machinery and tools Can also supply filters, filtration strainers, and filtration media.
  • Redline Custom Equipment - Offers pumps, filters and equipment for transfer, collection process equipment and filtration filtration of waste oil.
  • Northern Filtration Inc. - Manufactures range of aeration equipment for biological and variety of machinery and tools industrial wastewater treatment applications. Includes jet aeration systems and machinery and tools floating and submersible self-aspirating units.
  • SK Systems Pvt. Ltd. - India. Manufactures broad range of air pollution control equipment. Includes axial flow fans, bag filters, coolers, dust collectors, fume scrubbers, industrial blowers, and ventillation systems.
  • Gneuß Kunstofftechnik GmbH - Germany. Manufactures range of filtration systems and auxiliary equipment for machinery and tools plastic melts and rubber. Site provides detailed information regarding machinery and tools products and incorporation of patented rotary technology.
  • DCE Donaldson Limited - South Africa. Specializes in wide range of filtration process equipment products machinery and tools and systems, with some emphasis on application process equipment machinery and tools to mobile equipment and machinery.
  • Reorder International Corp. - Taiwan. Manufactures range of reverse osmosis water filtration systems and process equipment accessories. Site includes photos of units available for residential and process equipment commercial/industrial applications.
  • Huzhou Hexing Machine Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of filtration equipment in China, offering vacuum machinery and tools belt filters, press filters, multiple-effect falling film evaporators, machinery and tools and fluidized bed dryers.
  • Ace Manufacturing Inc. - Canada. Manufactures self cleaning gravity filter beds for filtration liquid filtration. machinery and tools Models available in stainless steel for filtration food and similar processing machinery and tools applications and in carbon filtration steel for handling metalworking coolants and machinery and tools other oils.
  • Puroflux Corporation - Manufactures range of industrial liquid filtration and separation process equipment systems filtration and associated accessories. Sites incorporates process equipment product and filtration application information.
  • Flo King Filter Systems - Specializes in filtration systems and ancillary products for process equipment use machinery and tools in the electroplating, anodizing, and related metal process equipment finishing industries. machinery and tools Site incorporates detailed product and application process equipment information.
  • Macom Technologies Ltd. - Specializes in manufacture and application of inline oil filtration condition monitoring and particle identification systems designed to filtration reduce risk of machinery failure. Site describes components filtration and benefits of installation.
  • Lenser - Company develops and produces filter plates, frames, recessed and membrane elements for presses used in solid and liquid separation processes.
  • A2Z Filtration Specialities Pvt., Ltd - India. Design, development and manufacture of filter manufacturing machinery, equipment, components and testing instruments. Also, commissioning of production lines for automotive filters.
  • Pune Energy Control Devices Pvt. Ltd. - India. Manufactures electrostatic oil cleaners and vacuum dehydration machinery and tools units for handling hydraulic, lubricating, and cutting oils machinery and tools and non conductive liquids. Site provides product and machinery and tools application details.
  • KX Industries LP - USA. Design and manufacture of extruded activated carbon water filtration media with in-house developed proprietary technology. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications.
  • Cardev International Ltd. - UK. Manufactures range of equipment for oil filtration and coolant filtration handling. Applications include mixing, cleaning, and disposal. Can also supply filtration absorbent materials for emergency spill situations.
  • Straight Line Filters Inc. - Specializes in design and supply of continuous belt filtration machinery machinery and tools for variety of applications. Site explains underlying principles and machinery and tools compares features and benefits with alternative systems.
  • Sangre Environmental Services Ltd, - Manufacture dust and fume air filtration products and design, manufacture, filtration install and commission dust and fume extraction systems. Features equipment filtration operation and brochures in pdf format.
  • Tami Industries - France. Manufactures laboratory and industrial filtration systems incorporating process equipment ceramic membranes. Applications include water treatment, food process equipment and beverage, oil and chemical, and environmental and process equipment pollution control industries.
  • Haining Shenghua Filtration Equipment Factory - Manufacturer of filtration equipment in China. Products include micropore cylindrical process equipment bag filters, pleated membrane cartridges, and accessories.
  • Filtratec Systems - Canada. Produces emission control and air/oil/water filtration process equipment systems. process equipment Products include catalytic converters, industrial engine process equipment exhaust and process equipment intake units, marine and power plant process equipment installations, and clean process equipment air devices.
  • Polytech Filtration Systems Inc. - Manufacture range of components for custom design of machine tool coolant filtration systems. Includes centrifuges, dragout conveyors, gravity bed and vacuum filters, hydrocyclones, and magnetic separators.
  • Palas GmbH - Germany. Design, development and manufacture of instruments and equipment for process equipment the testing of filter media efficiency, calibration systems and particle process equipment measurement. Also, commercial testing and calibration services. Technical information. Calendar process equipment of event
  • Process Efficiency Products Inc. - Manufactures range of filtration assemblies and media for prevention and machinery and tools removal of contaminants, dirt, scale, debris, sediment, and suspended solids machinery and tools in water and other liquid cooling, containment, and disposal equipment.
  • Aercology - Manufactures industrial air pollution control systems. Products include filtration dust, fume, filtration and oil mist collectors; electrostatic filtration precipitators; cyclones; filtration downdraft tables; and filtration cartridge filter systems.
  • JWC Environmental - Specializes in design and supply of wastewater solids process equipment reduction equipment. Site includes detailed product and application process equipment information with access to downloadable brochures.
  • Hangzhou Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of filter presses in China, manufactured from corrosion-resistant components filtration including plastics and coated steel.
  • Sharplex Agro Process (India) Pvt. Ltd. - India. Manufactures wide range of filtration equipment. machinery and tools filtration Includes candle, horizontal plate, pressure leaf, polishing, machinery and tools filtration star and spiral, and up flow units. Can machinery and tools filtration also supply spare filter leaves.
  • Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg. Co. - Manufacturer of filtration and pumping equipment stations for machinery and tools filtration the metal finishing, food, and chemical processing industries.
  • Filtervac International Inc. - Canada. Specializes in manufacture of oil filtration and purification systems. Site provides detailed information regarding such available products as coalescers, separators, degasifiers, regenerators, and filter carts.
  • CUNO Incorporated - Designs, manufactures and markets a line of filtration products for filtration separation, clarification and purification of liquids and gases. (Nasdaq: CUNO).
  • Microfilt Pvt., Ltd - India. Design, development and manufacture of customised microfiltration systems for the biotech, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and food and beverage industries. Technical information, flow charts and case studies.
  • Hoffman Maschinen und Apparatebau GmbH - Germany. Manufactures heavy duty filter and cooling process equipment units process equipment for removing contaminants and maintaining temperature in process equipment machine tool process equipment plants. Site provides product information process equipment and includes examples process equipment of installations.
  • Purex International Ltd - Manufactures systems to extract hazardous dust and fume machinery and tools from laser marking, laser coding and laser engraving machinery and tools processes. Also for soldering, welding, laboratory, grinding and machinery and tools other engineering applications.
  • Shun Hong Machine Co. Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufactures and installs range of air pollution control equipment. Applications include dust and soot collection, fume dispersal, spent gas deodorization, and heavy duty industrial blower fans.
  • Larox Corporation - Manufacture of automatic pressure filters and polishing filters machinery and tools for process control and mining operations.
  • Superior Aqua Enterprises Inc. - Specializes in electrolytic systems for control of water machinery and tools filtration borne bacteria, biofilm, and algae. Applications include machinery and tools filtration swimming pools, mammal habitats, industrial cooling towers, and machinery and tools filtration agricultural nurseries and processing plants.
  • Filtration and - UK. Site edited by Loughborough University senior lecturer. Includes detailed process equipment discussion of filtration, sedimentation, and types of equipment, with links process equipment to supplier database and additional sources of information.
  • Arkal Filtration Systems - Israel. Manufactures range of filtration systems for machinery and tools process equipment agricultural irrigation and commercial and industrial water distribution machinery and tools process equipment and treatment applications. Objective include prevention of machinery and tools process equipment clogged piping and removal of contaminants.

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