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Manufactures own line and services other makes of solid bowl, screen bowl, and 3-phase centrifuges. Services include repairs, rebuilds, and operator cross training.

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  • The Knelson Group - Canada. Specializes in design and manufacture of centrifuges gravity centrifugal separation and ancillary equipment for the centrifuges hardrock mining industry. Objectives include recovery of centrifuges gold, platinum, silver, copper, lead, and mercury.
  • Zhangjiagang City Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - China. Manufactures centrifuges in a variety of centrifuges configurations. Site incorporates detailed product information. centrifuges Also produces industrial dewatering equipment and household washers centrifuges and dryers.
  • Centriquip Ltd. - UK. Manufacturers of decanter centrifuges. Sells new separators and used separators models and offers repair and short separators or long term rental separators services. Site includes separators explanation of centrifuge process.
  • Centrisys Corporation - Full service manufacture, retrofit, inspection, and repairs of centrifuges centrifuge dewatering separators equipment. Primary customer base in centrifuges municipal, food, and chemical separators industries. Site incorporates centrifuges explanation of centrifuge principle and its separators applications.
  • TEMA Systems Inc - Manufactures variety of centrifuges for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, process equipment dairy, centrifuges mineral, and coal industries. Site incorporates process equipment detailed product centrifuges and application information.
  • R. Mueller Service and Equipment Co. - Specializes in the sale, installation, and service of process equipment centrifuges, process equipment process control systems, and CIP equipment for process equipment the dairy process equipment industry.
  • ZhangJiaGang Yong Da Machinery Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of centrifuge equipment in China. Products include process equipment decanting, process equipment filter-bag discharging, scraping, and screw discharge models, process equipment for use process equipment in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical process equipment industries.
  • Roemer Machine & Welding Co. Inc. - Specializes in centrifuge repair, reconditioning, and upgrade services. process equipment process equipment Serves grain and ethanol, meat and poultry, process equipment chemical, pharmaceutical, process equipment and waste water treatment industries.
  • Rousselet Centrifugation - France. Design and manufacture of horizontal axis peeler, centrifuges vertical axis separators basket, decanter, and liquid-liquid separation centrifuges centrifuges for the chemical and separators pharmaceutical industries. Extensive technical centrifuges information. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual separators site.
  • Broadbent Customer Services Ltd. - UK. Provides refurbishing and reconditioning services and replacement centrifuges parts for separators centrifuges and centrifuge systems used in centrifuges a variety of industries. separators Capabilities also apply centrifuges to servicing the industrial laundry market.
  • Contec Centrifuges - Sells and purchases surplus, used, and rebuilt centrifuges process equipment and process equipment accessory products. Includes decanters, baskets, and process equipment bowls. process equipment Also provides repair, maintenance, and operator process equipment training services.
  • GEA Westfalia Separator AG - Germany. Manufacturing group with divisions providing centrifugal separation separators technology and equipment for food processing, mineral oil separators systems, environmental protection, and a variety of industrial separators applications.
  • Centrifuge Repair and Engineering Inc. - Provides repair and rebuilding services, plus spare and replacement parts process equipment for most makes of high speed and decanter centrifuges. process equipment Includes in-house and on-site inspections and servicing.
  • Decanter Machine Inc. - Manufactures own line and services other makes of solid bowl, screen bowl, and 3-phase centrifuges. Services include repairs, rebuilds, and operator cross training.
  • Clinton Separators Inc. - Manufactures range of centrifuges designed for separating solids centrifuges and liquids separators and immiscibles liquids from other liquids. centrifuges Standard, custom, portable, separators and stationary models available.
  • Gruppo Pieralisi - Italy. Manufactures range of industrial centrifuges for centrifuges waste management, dairy and food processing, and edible centrifuges oil production applications. Site provides detailed product centrifuges information.
  • Sanders Equipment Company Inc. - Stocks and sells used, reconditioned, and rebuilt industrial separators centrifuges. centrifuges Items sold as is or with separators guarantee, and leasing and centrifuges rental arrangements also available. separators Site includes searchable online catalogue.
  • Flottweg GmbH - Germany. Manufactures solid-bowl-decanter and belt-press-and-disc centrifuges. process equipment Site centrifuges provides product and application information, including animated process equipment clips showing centrifuges different methods of achieving separation.
  • Centrifuge Technology Inc. - Provides consulting, repair, rebuilding, upgrading, and maintenance services separators for hydraulic separators back drive centrifuge systems. Can separators also supply new equipment separators and spare and replacement separators parts.
  • Lanner Anlagenbau GmbH - Manufactures metal chip and sludge processing systems. Site illustrates separators and provides detailed information regarding incorporated equipment, including chip crushing separators and centrifuge separation units.
  • Dolphin Marine Services - Supply Alfa Laval, Westfalia and other centrifuges, separators, decanters and purifiers. New, reconditioned or used with guaranteed spare parts.
  • The Western States Machine Company - Manufactures centrifuges, primarily for the sugar and chemical/pharmaceutical industries. process equipment Site includes product details and access to related online application process equipment handbooks.
  • Riera Nadeu S.A - Spain. Manufacturer specializing in centrifugue machines. Includes filtering and process equipment decanting models, supercentrifugues, turbodryers, turbomicronizers, and evaporators.
  • Brandt/Southwest - Provides manufacturing, repair, and rebuilding services to the centrifuges centrifuge industry. centrifuges Site includes glossary and explanation centrifuges of terms, as well centrifuges as a detailed list centrifuges of troubleshooting remedies.
  • ACE Industries - India. Manufacturers line of centrifuges and calcium chloride. separators Top and bottom discharge and instant cake lifting separators machines available. Site incorporates related technical information.
  • US Centrifuge - Manufacturers specializing in supply of automatic and manual filtration centrifuges for a variety of industries. Focus is on solid/liquid separation.
  • AML Industries Inc. - Specializes in manufacture of solid and perforate basket centrifuges centrifuges and process equipment separators. Site provides detailed explanation centrifuges of processes, products, and process equipment applications.
  • Kyte Centrifuge Sales and Consultant - Provides centrifuge consultancy services, including testing, start-up assistance, separators trouble shooting, and process recommendations. Site includes separators details of available used and surplus centrifuge equipment.
  • Turbo Separator AG - Germany. Manufactures centrifuge units for filtering, cooling, and recycling contaminated fluids produced when machining metals and hard and brittle materials. Main applications are machine tool and automotive industries.
  • Bhagyasharee Accessories Private Limited - India. Manufactures selection of centrifugal oil cleaners. Site separators provides details separators of available units and explains operating separators process.
  • Pennwalt India Limited - India. Manufactures centrifuge units for variety of solid-liquid centrifuges and liquid-liquid separation applications. Mainly serves water treatment, centrifuges food processing, and chemical industries.
  • Centrifugal & Mechanical Industries - Manufactures wide range of centrifuges for variety of centrifuges process industries. Also provides parts and remanufacturing services. centrifuges Site incorporates detailed information regarding available products and centrifuges sales and service network.
  • Krauss-Maffei Verfahrtenstechnik GmbH - Manufactures and services centrifuges, dryers, filters, and integrated separation systems for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • Rousselet Robatel - France. Manufactures and services industrial centrifuges for solid/liquid separation. centrifuges Includes vertical basket and horizontal axis peeler models, as centrifuges well as centrifugal extractors and mixer-settlers.

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