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Specializes in design and supply of mass transfer equipment. Includes packed tower internals, structured and random packing, trays, demisters, and static mixers. Site incorporates detailed product information and data sheets. suppliers.

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  • Koch-Glitsch Inc. - Specializes in design and supply of mass transfer process equipment equipment. distillation and evaporation Includes packed tower internals, structured and random process equipment packing, trays, distillation and evaporation demisters, and static mixers. Site incorporates process equipment detailed product information distillation and evaporation and data sheets. suppliers.
  • Graham Hart (Process Technology) Ltd - UK. Specializes in thermal processing and mass transfer equipment for distillation and evaporation process industries. Products include heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pilot plants, distillation and evaporation and distillation, adsorbtion, separation, and scrubbing columns.
  • Buss-SMS GmbH Verfahrenstechnik - Germany. Manufactures thermal separation equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, separators and polymer separators processing. Includes units for drying, distillation, separators and evaporation. Site incorporates separators detailed technical background information.
  • Mabo srl. - Italy. Manufactures process equipment with focus on thin separators film and distillation and evaporation other forms of evaporators. Additional separators lines include colloid mills, distillation and evaporation indirect and filter dryers, separators and in-line dispersers.
  • Jaeger Products Inc. - Manufactures tower packings, trays, and column internals for process equipment gas/liquid separators mass transfer processes. Site provides detailed product process equipment and application separators information.
  • AMT International Inc. - Specializes in supply of products for mass transfer process equipment installations process equipment for refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Includes process equipment fractional trays; process equipment structured, random, and grid packing; process equipment and packed process equipment tower and reactor internals.
  • Newhouse Manufacturing Inc. - Agricultural machinery manufacturer with a line of oil process equipment distillation process equipment equipment. Site provides details of available units process equipment and applications, process equipment especially in farming operations.
  • InCon Processing LLC - Specializes in provision of high vacuum molecular distillation and micronutrient distillation and evaporation recovery equipment and services. Includes equipment design and supply, inhouse distillation and evaporation processing, and lab support.
  • Artisan Industries Inc. - Provides engineering and manufacturing services for the process separators industries. Includes supply of evaporation, stripping, distillation, extraction, separators and vacuum rejection units. Site provides detailed product separators information.
  • Julius Montz GmbH - Manufactures a wide range of structured packings, trays, and column internals. Products and specifications, overview of engineering services. Hilden, Germany.

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