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Independent consultant giving tutorial on choosing and applying optical design services for companies developing new products. Many useful links given for optics industry.

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  • Diverse Technologies - Optical design and engineering for instrumentation, vision and optics inspection systems. industrial goods and services In Cambridge, England.
  • Reflexite Display Optics - Development and production of standard and custom microstructured optical solutions.
  • James Carter Optical Consulting - Independent consultant giving tutorial on choosing and applying engineering services optical optics design services for companies developing new products. engineering services Many useful optics links given for optics industry.
  • WaveFront Sciences - Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors, laser metrology, ophthalmic instruments, semiconductor industrial goods and optics services wafer metrology instruments and micro-optics.
  • Ruda and Associates, Inc. - Consulting firm specializing in the design and development optics of optical optics products.
  • Foresight Systems Development, Inc. - Opto-mechanical design, integration, and prototyping.
  • Advanced Optical Consulting - Offers consulting services in physical optics, including optics scattering and industrial goods and services diffractive optics. Located in Albuquerque, New optics Mexico.
  • Inventex, Inc - Glass machining, optical machining, ceramic machining and other hard materials for aerospace defense systems industry ie., ABL (airborne laser system) and satellite laser systems.
  • Scienzia Systems - Turnkey product/instrument design and prototyping, optical and mechanical engineering services design, engineering services machine vision systems.
  • Introvision Ltd - Electro optical sub systems design and manufacture for harsh industrial industrial goods and services and military environments.
  • Photon Gear, Inc. - Optical design analysis, assembly, and test services for optical systems optics including semiconductor inspection and processing lenses, laser scan lenses, and optics military optical systems. Located near Rochester, New York.
  • UK Optical Plastics Ltd - Custom optical design, opto-mechanical system design, design of engineering services custom engineering services infrared lenses and microscope design.
  • Labrum Optical Engineering, Inc. - Consulting services for optical design and optical engineering. Located in optics Orem, Utah.
  • Opto Sonderbedarf GmbH - Provider of customized optomechanical solutions and consulting services. engineering services Located near Munich, Germany.
  • Innovations in Optics, Inc. - Designers and consultants for lens, endoscopes, sensors, fiberoptics, optics medical optics and prototyping.
  • Abacus Enterprises - Consultants specializing in light scattering, mie theory, radiative engineering services transport,coherence, and remote sensing. Located in state of engineering services Washington, U.S.
  • LumenFlow Inc. - Develops and manufactures photonics systems, including laser systems. industrial goods and optics services In Michigan
  • Optics For Hire - Consulting services for optical systems, electrical systems, and opto-mechanical design. Based in the US and Ukraine.
  • BSC Optics, Inc. - Optical components, used equipment, and optical engineering services, industrial goods and optics services including lens design and analysis. In New Mexico.
  • Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc. - Offers soft mounting technology for precision optical assemblies.
  • Opto-Electronic Design, Inc. - Consulting services in optics, circuits, microprocessors, and control, engineering services based optics in Minnesota.
  • OPTICS 1 Inc. - Lens design, optical engineering, and optical design services from prototype industrial goods and services through production. Products include head mounted displays.
  • Timbaigl Optics - Contracting services in optical and optical fibre research optics and development, optomechanical design.
  • Johnson Scientific Group Inc - Photonics consulting services; image intensifier tubes, photomultiplier tubes optics and other services.
  • Wright Scientific - Site is a two page description of the services and facilities offered.
  • Precision Optical Engineering - Optical design, production, and testing of systems in the visible engineering services and IR regions of the spectrum.
  • Vigitek, Inc. - Optical design and development consulting firm specializing in industrial goods and services the equipment for biomedical and industrial applications.
  • Hitek Hardware Inc. - Specialty hardware and instrument company.
  • Optical Subassemblies, LLC - Optical design, prototyping and manufacturing services for laser systems, projection lenses, camera lenses and infrared optical systems.
  • Bayside Photonics, Inc - Optical design services, optomechanical consulting and micro-optic devices engineering services manufacturing.

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