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Designs and builds custom precision optical assemblies like projection lenses, camera lenses and telescope assemblies. Standard products include CoastalOpt(tm) Fisheye lenses.

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See Also:
  • Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of camera lens, viewfinders, laser pointer lens, bar code optics reader lens, scanner lens, CCTV lens, telescope lenses, and magnifiers.
  • Harold Johnson Optical Laboratories, Inc. - Custom manufacturer of cylindrical and spherical lenses, prisms, industrial goods and optics services mirrors, domes, flats, wedges and beamsplitters.
  • Klarmann Rulings, Inc - Manufactures custom and standard reticles, optical sightings, precision optical patterns, stage micrometers, filter glass, pinholes, apertures, comparator screens, and optical fabrication.
  • Reflexite Corporation - Manufacturer of custom infrared lenses and infrared lens lens design arrays for use instrumentation optics.
  • Applied Optics, Inc. - Custom manufacturer of laser quality optical lenses, achromats, lens design prisms, filters, windows and mirrors.
  • Contour Metrological & Manufacturing, Inc. - High precision diamond turning, optical machining, and CAM countour machining.
  • Omek Optics - Optical design and engineering services.
  • Science-Vision - Design and production of optical elements and lens optics systems of industrial goods and services all kinds with focus on DMD, optics DLP, and UV imaging industrial goods and services technology.
  • Kinko Optical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of camera lenses, digital camera lenses, bar code and industrial goods and services scanner lenses.
  • Coastal Optical - Designs and builds custom precision optical assemblies like optics projection lenses, optics camera lenses and telescope assemblies. optics Standard products include CoastalOpt(tm) optics Fisheye lenses.
  • Commercial Optical Inc. - Custom lense manufacturer.
  • WECO UK - Optical equipment for lens finishing, automatic lensmeters, and industrial goods and optics services edgers.
  • Complete Optical Solutions - Providing optical design, lens design, optical engineering and lens design consulting services.
  • Gemini Optics - Lens design, optical system design, illumination design, lens design aspheres, lens design precision lens assemblies, aspheric and diffractive components.
  • Resolve Optics Ltd - Design, development and manufacture of optical lenses.
  • Hengwen Optics - Fresnel lens manufacturer.
  • 3Dlens Corporation - Manufacturer of optical Fresnel lenses.
  • Ability Opto-Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of lenses and filters for scanners, bar optics code readers, lens design cameras, and TVs.
  • Marmore Inc. - Optical lab machinery and equipment for the production lens design of lens design ophthalmic lenses.
  • Doric Lenses Inc. - Production and design of micro-optics components
  • Beijing 608 Factory - Produces optical spectacle lens and optical lens.
  • LNSYS - Specialises in optical design, systems design, custom solutions for optical instrumentation.

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