Tape and Strapping Supplies Packaging Industrial Goods and Services

PVC film, shrink bands, shrink sleeves, and decorated labels for tamper evident and promotional use. Color printing, roll film, pre-form.

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  • Silver Talent International, Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of packing tape including printed supplies tape, kraft tape, double-sided foam tape, transparent tape, supplies cloth adhesive tape and stationary tape. Has supplies pictures and specifications.
  • H-OLD Industrial Tapes - Industrial special tapes and shrinkable tubing. Italy.
  • Ameri-Seal Products - PVC film, shrink bands, shrink sleeves, and decorated labels for packaging tamper evident and promotional use. Color printing, roll film, pre-form.
  • Continental - Produces custom printed tape such as polypropylene, PVC, tape and strapping packaging gummed, flatback, stocked and stripped. Includes company tape and strapping packaging overview and pictures of products.
  • Hillside Paper Products - Suppliers of corrugated boxes, shipping and moving products. supplies New Jersey.
  • Fabo, SRL - Produces water-based acrylic adhesive tapes as well as tape and strapping carton sealing and packaging tapes. Includes a tape and strapping company overview.
  • Fralex Mac Autoadesivi - Manufacturer of self-adhesive tape for office and packaging purposes. tape and strapping Includes pictures and company profile.
  • Tapex, Pty Ltd - Australian manufacturers of baling twine for crop baling and packaging. supplies Contains specifications of products.
  • DNC - Manufacturer of carton tape and hot-melt sealers, carton erectors, case packaging packers and pallet wrappers. Has company profile and product packaging information.
  • Diatex Co., Ltd - Japan. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in packaging adhesive tapes and flexible intermediate bulk containers. Self-adhesive packaging and pressure sensitive tapes for industrial applications, from packaging polystyrene, polypropylene and polyamide. English and Jap
  • Tapeline - Stock and custom printed tapes for carton sealing tape and strapping tape and strapping for marketing promotions.
  • Decker Tape Products, Inc - Manufacturer of tape products such as film and packaging masking, flat back, filament, double costed, cloth, teflon, packaging box sealing, stock prints, label protection, custom slitting packaging and die cutting. Has data sheets and packaging a company profile.
  • Sicad Group - Italy. Multi-national group of companies, specialised in the manufacture of packaging paper, plastic film, foam, and textiles and nonwovens backed self-adhesive packaging tapes for a range of industrial, medical and hygiene, and packaging commercial applications. Technical information
  • Redback Industries LLC - Manufacturer of fiber optic cable pull tape and polyester composite packaging cord strapping. Contains some pictures and brief information about packaging the products.
  • Bolex Adhesive Products Co - Manufacturers of various tapes such as packing, stationary, supplies masking and supplies cloth sealing. Has company profile supplies as well as product supplies lists.
  • Brown Tape Products - Provides pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, banding equipment, stretch packaging film, packaging tape and strapping supplies and plastic bags and sheets. packaging Has pictures of tape and strapping products.
  • Seal-It, Inc - Manufacturer of heat shrink PVC, shrink bands, and shrink labels tape and strapping for tamper-evident seals and body labels for multipacks. Has tape and strapping employment opportunities, company profile and product showcase.
  • Globe Industries Corp - Manufacturing and sales of various adhesive tapes.
  • Seal King Ind Co, Ltd - Manufacturer of specialty adhesive tapes such as coated, double coated foam, bag sealing, security, conductive and thermal conductive. Contains brief company profile and pictures and specifications of products.
  • Printatape - Australian based manufacturer specializing in printed adhesive tapes and labels. tape and strapping Has company information and pictures of products.
  • Sander GmbH - Germany. Design and manufacture of end-of-line packaging solutions. supplies Strapping and packaging stretching technologies, and load securing products. supplies Part of the MJ packaging Maillis Group. English and supplies German.
  • Jorn Corporation, Ltd - Manufacturer of various tapes such as electronic, reinforcing, supplies teflon, double-sided, single-sided, silicone and masking. Has supplies a company profile and product specifications.
  • Phoenix Tape and Supply - Provides custom printed packaging tapes and labels. tape and strapping supplies Contains online order forms, product pricing and pictures.
  • Quality Strapping Inc. - Plastic strapping in polypropylene and polyester, as well packaging as strapping tape and strapping equipment, tools, buckles and seals, and packaging related strapping items.
  • Stokvis Tape Group B.V. - Specialists in self-adhesive tapes, foams, sealants and fastening systems. Details of the company and products. Zeist, Netherlands.
  • Pacific Strapping, Inc - Manufacturer of cord, polypropylene, polyester, steel strapping, tape packaging and rope. supplies Includes product specifications.
  • Noppakun Steel Works Co, Ltd - Thai based manufacturer of strapping band, polyester strapping supplies band, stretch film, shrink film and packaging tape. supplies Includes company profile, pictures and mechanical properties supplies of products.
  • GreenPak - Manufactures adhesive tape, supplies plastic and paper packaging supplies materials. Australia.
  • 4C Packs Private Limited - Manufacturers of polypropylene plastic strapping for fully and semi automatic packaging box strapping machines. Has product pictures and specifications, company packaging frequently asked questions and general information about the company.
  • Adhesive Specialities Limited - Manufacturers of Tickitape adhesive tape range. Distributors of tape and strapping tape and strapping self adhesive tapes for the glazing, electrical and tape and strapping tape and strapping insulation industries. Contains company profile and information tape and strapping tape and strapping about the various divisions of this organization.
  • Alpha Beta Enterprise Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of carton sealing tape in Taiwan. Exports packaging worldwide packaging tape and strapping and stationery products.
  • Tapes II International - Manufacturers of custom fabricated industrial tape and labeling products. packaging Contains pictures and technical data.
  • Merco Tape - Pressure sensitive and specialty tapes including duct, masking, carton sealing, supplies electrical and safety. Includes product specifications.
  • Houston Packing Manufacturing, Ltd - Manufacturer of adhesive tape including packing tape, industrial use tape, double side tape and electrical tape. Contains pictures and specifications of products.
  • Strapping Products - Retailer of EZ strap poly strapping, banding and tape and strapping packaging strapping machines, tools and equipment. Contains online tape and strapping packaging order forms, performance tips, product pictures and information.
  • Glory Formosa Co, Ltd - Manufacturer of carton sealing tape guns, bag sealer supplies and label packaging dispensers. Includes company overview and supplies information about their world packaging wide distributors.
  • Stek Strap Packaging Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of polyester strapping for stacked and tape and strapping tape and strapping baled goods packaging and securing applications. Also, strapping tape and strapping tape and strapping tools and accessories. Part of Xinxingli Synthetic fiber tape and strapping tape and strapping Co., Ltd. English and Chinese.
  • Nast - Manufacturer of self adhesive tapes such as stationery, colored, electrical supplies insulating, duct, aluminum and blocking. Contains brief company profile, supplies pictures and dimensions of products.
  • Action Tapes and Labels - Manufactures paper, polypropylene and reinforced custom tape and supplies labels. Has a company overview and the supplies ability to request a catalogue to be mailed.
  • Abrasives LBA - Manufacturers of shipping materials. Italy.
  • Yang Bey Industrial Co, Ltd - Manufacturer and distributor of strapping tools, tape dispensers, tape and strapping stretch film dispensers, seals and accessories. Has tape and strapping a company profile and information about the company\\'s tape and strapping products and services.
  • T&W Converters, Inc - Provides pressure sensitive industrial tapes, custom printed tape, packaging die cuts, packaging slitting and rewinding. Contains pictures packaging and information about processes packaging involved.
  • Polychem Corporation - Supplier and manufacturer to the polypropylene and polyester strapping markets for the packaging industry.
  • Pacific Wire Products, Inc - Manufacturers of bale ties and erosion control products. packaging Contains some pictures and a brief company packaging profile.
  • Crocodile Tapes and Co, Inc - Manufacturer of tapes such as packaging, masking, PVC, tape and strapping packaging electrical and stretch film. Includes product pictures tape and strapping packaging and a company overview.
  • Limpet Tapes, Ltd - UK. Self-adhesive, gummed and non-adhesive plain and printed tapes, labels, tape and strapping strips and signs, from vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, paper and tape and strapping textile materials. Custom logo printing services.
  • Englewood Company, Inc - Offers pressure sensitive tape, adhesives, labels and packaging tape and strapping systems.
  • Technical Tapes - Manufacturer of adhesive tapes for all industrial applications, in tape and strapping particular carpet fittings.
  • Advertape, Inc - Specializes in the design and fabrication of printed tapes and labels. Contains price lists and buying terms and conditions.

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