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Offers complete design and manufacturing services in ASME code, general fab and machining, power services, pulp and paper, and water treatment systems.

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  • Continental Field Systems, Inc. - On-site and shop machining services available around the clock, and industrial goods and services around the world.
  • On-site Machining Ltd - Provides industry with expert specialised insitu, on or industrial goods and business services off site machining.
  • Metalock Industrial Services Ltd - Specialists in onsite machining; steel mill housings, process business machinery, and presses. Provides insitu boring and laser business alignment of engines, turbines, and structures.
  • Wasserbel Testing Laboratory Ltd - Toys, electrical appliances, wastewater and food testings.
  • The Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation - Works to accelerate growth and create opportunity in services Newfoundland and services Labrador's manufacturing sector.
  • M. A. Folkes Company - Custom packaging, product assembly, inventory control and warehousing industrial goods and services and distribution.
  • Phipps and Bird - Seeks opportunities to manufacture products on contract, including engineering, machine industrial goods and services shop, powercoatings, packaging and shipping.
  • Abrading Methods, Inc. - Specializes in providing contract flat lapping, flat honing, business precision fine grinding and production lapping business service.
  • CalCo Cutaways - Produces product cutaways for sales demonstrations, tradeshows, advertising, industrial goods and industrial goods and services services distributor displays, and training.
  • Plastic and Metal Center - Serves the southern CA. area since 1992. Manufacturing services and engineering industrial goods and services experience from concept to completion.
  • SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc. - Source for independent testing and technical and research industrial goods and services services.
  • Tafcor, Inc. - Profile lamination on paper, vinyl, veneer, or polyester business on a molding substrate.
  • HI TecMetal Group - Provides heat treating, brazing, welding, industrial coatings, and industrial goods and services services for manufacturers.
  • Capital City Machine Shop, Inc. - Manufactures repair parts and performs custom repairs for industrial goods and industrial goods and services services industrial equipment. CNC milling and turning, pump shaft industrial goods industrial goods and services and services repairs, thermal spray coatings. Atlanta, GA.
  • CP-Marketing - Complete turn key solutions specializing in the total industrial goods and business services box build.
  • Superfactory - Resources, communities, and services supporting global manufacturing excellence.
  • TMPI, Inc. - Chemical and mechanical cleaning of metals, ceramics, quartz, industrial goods and industrial goods and services services glass and other materials.
  • Teva Limited - Specialist predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, laser business alignment, thermal industrial goods and services imaging.
  • SAE - Outsourcing of electronic components and assemblies, design, engineering services and manufacturing business services.
  • LorWay Companies - Precision machining services, and specializes in work for the photofinishing services field. Also, photofinishing and X-ray equipment services.
  • Windsor Metal Finishing - Kynar 500 paint is applied to balcony rails, louvers, industrial goods and services sun screens, geodesic space frames, walkway covers, roofing panels, industrial goods and services automatic entranceways, and architectural metal specialties.
  • Accident Inspection Specialists, Inc. - Consulting in accidents, engineering in boiler and machinery, business and safety engineering.
  • Concept Group, Inc. - Engineering design and consulting, product development and full scale manufacturing. services Glass to metal, hermetic seals, and vacuum brazing.
  • Lyophilization Services of New England, Inc. - Contract manufacturer.
  • Miller-Nelson Research, Inc. - Testing of respirators, cartridges and canisters, protective clothing and gloves. industrial goods and services Generating test atmospheres, controlled humidity, temperature and airflows.
  •, Inc. - Provides manufacturing quotes for machining, fabrication, molding, casting, industrial goods and services and textiles.
  • MaxiM International - Converting and rotary die cutting consultants advising management in all industrial goods and services areas of production and packaging of die cut, pressure sensitive industrial goods and services adhesive products.
  • Offshore International, Inc. - Manufacturing in Mexico's maquiladora industry.
  • PCI Energy Services - Provides field machining, welding, remote tool delivery services.
  • LTI Atlanta - Converter and manufacturer of micro-filters, medical components, electrical business insulators, labels, and custom packaging.
  • Strategic Work Systems - Specializes in total productive maintenance (TPM).
  • Strata Technology - Specialises in process systems and prototype work for research and business industry.
  • R-V Industries - Offers complete design and manufacturing services in ASME services code, general business fab and machining, power services, pulp services and paper, and water business treatment systems.
  • The Thompson Group - A consortium of experts in the field of industrial appraisal, auction and liquidation.
  • Product Resources, Inc. - Provides turnkey contract manufacturing services specializing in high-level electronic and electromechanical assemblies and complete products.
  • HGJ Service - Provides industrial services such as steam trap surveys, air and business gas analysis.
  • VR and CAD - 3D-modeling for design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, electronic catalogs business and multimedia industrial goods and services production.
  • Honduras Industrial Park - Villanueva Industrial Park occupies part of the largest free zone industrial goods and services in Honduras, offering owner on-site management of factories and skilled industrial goods and services labor.
  • Gardan, Inc. - Mechanical assembly and packaging.

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