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An international association of owners of information businesses. Includes information on conferences and events as well as a code of ethics.

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  • Cal Info - Research, retrieval and publishing services.
  • Information Prime NA, Inc. - Provides information on-demand and document delivery services.
  • Just The Facts, Inc. - An information search and retrieval research service for business business, acquisitions information services and competitive intelligence.
  • Noble Ventures - Offers a variety of research tools and services, business including computer business and office equipment lease leads, sales business leads, databases and fax business and voice message broadcasting.
  • CRIF S.p.A. - Offers models, consultancy and management solutions, software, business business information to information brokers support finance, insurance, utility and service business companies.
  • Newshare - Provides consulting and information-brokerage services to newspapers, internet-service information brokers providers, broadcasters, periodical publishers, new-media and multimedia content information brokers providers.
  • Choice Point - Specializes in providing information research and brokerage services business and solutions information services to the insurance companies, asset-based lenders business and professional service providers, information services and federal, state and business local government agencies.
  • Data Search - Provides public record searches for the finance and information services legal industries.
  • - German information broker specializing in information about companies, business markets, industries, information brokers products, customers, top executives, countries and business governments worldwide.
  • Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) - An international association of owners of information businesses. Includes information on conferences and events as well as a code of ethics.
  • Access Information Services, Inc. - Provides business research, information gathering and analysis, competitive business intelligence, and business market research services.
  • Bates Information Services - Information broker specializing business information research.
  • Information Technologies - Collectors and compilers of public records such as tax liens, information brokers bankruptcies, and judgments.
  • Research On Demand - Offers fee-based research services, accessing public and private information services databases information brokers worldwide.
  • Find/SVP, Inc. - Provides fully integrated research, advisory and business intelligence information services services information brokers in a broad range of industries and information services disciplines.

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