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Represents vermiculite mining companies, processors, sales agents and brokers, application specialists, and equipment suppliers. Membership directory, about the organization, and contact information.

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Federation of International Trade Associations* - A network of companies belonging to international trade associations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

  • The British-Caribbean Chamber of Commerce - Includes information on trade links between Britain and the Caribbean, associations events, trade missions, news, contacts and how to join the associations group.
  • Atlanta British American Business Group - Dedicated to facilitating trade, investment, and business opportunities international business and business trade for both large and small companies in international business business and trade the US and the UK.
  • Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce - Non-profit Association promoting and assisting bi-lateral trade and international business and trade investment between Australia the Middle East and North international business and trade Africa.
  • Australian Business Network in Italy - Local forum where Australian organizations that do business in Italy business and Italian organizations that do business with them or in business Australia can meet and network.
  • The Vermiculite Association - Represents vermiculite mining companies, processors, sales agents and brokers, application specialists, and equipment suppliers. Membership directory, about the organization, and contact information.
  • National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones - A non-profit organization composed of public entities, individuals international business and trade and corporations involved in the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones international business and trade program.
  • World Federation of Direct Selling Associations - Mission is to support direct selling associations in the areas business of governance, education, communications, consumer protection, and ethics in the business marketplace. News, legal compendium, and position papers.
  • World Technology Network - Encourage emerging technologies by bringing together key players international business and associations trade from diverse disciplines: technology, finance, marketing, government. international business associations and trade Events and membership.
  • Foundation for Russian American Economic Cooperation - A non-profit organization with membership and government grants business making efficient, associations positive changes in business relations between business the US and Russia, associations focusing on the US business West Coast and Russian Far East.
  • APEC-CHINA - International symposium and exhibition on fruit and vegetable processing technology international business and trade and industrialization.
  • American Australian Association (AAA) - Focuses on trade between the United States, Australia and New business Zealand. Includes information on membership, events, and related links.
  • Alabama International Trade Center - Nonprofit organization that provides international market research and strategic consulting for small and medium sized businesses in Alabama.
  • American-Russian Business Council - Based in the US with offices in Russia, dedicated to business promoting trade and investment between the two countries and assist business companies with their international business needs.
  • North American Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE) - Focuses on facilitating professional development for international trade educators, trainers business and service providers.
  • FIDI - FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) is a international business and trade global organisation representing fully qualified professional international moving international business and trade companies around the world.
  • American Importers Association - Brings exporters worldwide together with American importers and wholesalers.
  • Tradeco Export Import Industries Development Association - Non-profit association provides advisory services for exporting and importing. business Site features multi-lingual access in English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, business and Russian.
  • Business Association Italy America - Independent, non profit, open networking forum for businesses associations and professionals business operating in the United States and associations in Italy.
  • World Economic Processing Zones Association - United Nations trade association provides research and capacity business building services. Includes member list.
  • TransAtlantic Business Dialogue - Offers a framework for enhanced cooperation between the transatlantic business associations community and the governments of the European Union and United associations States.
  • New Zealand German Business Association Inc. - Promotes trade between Germany and New Zealand. Is New Zealand\\'s local representative of the German Chamber of Commerce network which helps promote and facilitate bilateral trade.
  • Association of German Australian Industry - Promotes bilateral trade between Germany and Australia, assists associations members and business the public in finding trade partners.
  • International Import-Export Institute - Internationally recognized body that certifies the proficiency of international business and trade import-export trade professionals worldwide.
  • International Chamber of Commerce - ICC the world business organization, the only representative body that associations speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors associations in every part of the world.
  • National Foreign Trade Council - Advocating a rules-based world economy. Includes activities, services, white papers associations and list of board of directors.
  • International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) - Promotes the interests of the tank container industry. Membership includes business manufacturers, lessors and operators.
  • Canada New Zealand Business Association (CANZBA) - Promotes trade between Canada and New Zealand. Includes mission, history, business executive, services, newsletters, and activities of the association.
  • Sweden Trade Council - Formed to help Swedish companies achieve substantial and lasting improvements international business and trade in their North American sales.
  • British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce - Organization for developing trade between Britain and Norway. international business and business trade Describes services and membership information.
  • Amec. Asociatión Multisectorial de Empresas - Non-profit association supporting Spanish manufacturers of varied industries international business and business trade with the promotion of exports and internationalisation of international business business and trade companies. English and Spanish.
  • Coalition of Service Industries - Business organization dedicated to the reduction of barriers to US international business and trade services exports, and to the development of constructive domestic US international business and trade policies. Events, publications, and membership.
  • World Council for Corporate Governance - Provider of knowledge about best practices in corporate governance to business company boards and leaders. Articles and information on conferences.
  • Brazil Chamber of Commerce and International Business - International source for business to provide a strong link between international business and trade US business and Brazil, English and Portuguese information.
  • Israel Trade Commission, Sydney, Australia - A non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance trade relations international business and trade between Israel and Australia.
  • Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada - Canada\\'s think-tank on Asia brings together people and associations knowledge to business provide current information, research and analysis associations on Asia and Canada\'s business transpacific relations.
  • Agency For International Trade Information And Cooperation (AITIC) - Focuses on reinforcing the capacity of less advantaged business developing countries and economies in transition to lead business a more effective trade diplomacy to benefit from business the multilateral trading system.
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals - Worldwide association for administrative support staff.
  • The Danish American Chamber of Commerce in New York - A membership organization designed to promote commerce between Denmark and international business and trade the United States.
  • World Trade Centers Association - Notice from Guy F. Tozzoli, President, about the international business and international business and trade trade rebuilding of the WTCA following the terrorist attack international business international business and trade and trade on the World Trade Center on September 11th, international international business and trade business and trade 2001. Includes fax contact number.
  • The Agribusiness Council - Focused on strengthening U.S. agro-industrial competitiveness through programs associations which highlight international trade and development potentials as associations well as broad issues which encompass several individual associations agribusiness sectors and require a "food systems&
  • International Accreditation Forum, Inc. - World association of conformity assessment accreditation bodies. Its primary function is to develop a world wide program of conformity assessment which will promote the elimination of non tariff barriers to trade.
  • YUSA Export Import Mgt.Co. - Philosophy is to help companies over the world to post international business and trade their products to the web to promote sales. Import, international business and trade export, and product categories.
  • Foreign Trade Association - Represents the foreign trade interests of European commerce associations with headquarters in Brussels. Features membership information.
  • Arab Mexican Chamber of Industry and Commerce - Promotes the trade and investment between Mexico and the Arab Countries. Contacts, list of countries and publications.
  • The American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand - A business organisation involved in trade and investment associations between the business USA and New Zealand and the associations Asia Pacific region.
  • Italian Chambers of Commerce - Represents Italian companies both nationally and internationally. Includes associations information, news, and services provided to members.
  • International Executives Association - An elite business networking organization founded to share associations business leads international business and trade and information among its member firms.
  • Center for Publishing Development - Access to a wide variety of information, databases, business and practical resources for and about the publishing business industries in Central and Eastern Europe and Central business Asia.
  • The Moroccan American Business Council Ltd. - A not for profit organization to foster trade and investment, international business and trade between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of international business and trade America.
  • Brazil-US Business Council - A bilateral trade organization that provides a high level private international business and trade sector forum for the business communities of both countries.
  • International Agency for Economic Development - Charitable organization for businesses working with the United international business and trade Nations.
  • Business Council for International Understanding - United States business association dedicated to promoting dialogue international business and trade and action between the business and government communities international business and trade for the purpose of expanding international commerce.

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