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Commodity Trading Advisor specializing in the use of proprietary mechanical trading systems and risk management for its managed futures accounts.

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  • Chadwick Investment Group - Managed Futures Accounts - updated performance information on managed futures advisors.
  • Binary Trading, LLC. - Commodity Trading Advisor specializing in the use of commodities and futures commodities and futures proprietary mechanical trading systems and risk management for commodities and futures commodities and futures its managed futures accounts.
  • Optima Pool Managed Futures - Investments in Dax and Fox futures using an analysis model developed by Mika Kotikoski.
  • Iowa Capital Management - Professionally managed futures investments, charts, quotes, articles, and brokerages research.
  • R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management - Employs a unique method to trade major equity, fixed income, currency and natural resources markets.
  • Corymb Capital Advisors, LLC - Alternative investment management firm specializing in interbank foreign managed accounts exchange and financial futures.
  • TransTrend - Professional asset manager specializing in well researched trading commodities and futures managed accounts strategies, which globally participate in a large variety commodities and futures managed accounts of futures markets.
  • Fortune Asset Management - Alternative asset management firm specialising in hedge fund strategies, capital brokerages guaranteed funds and fund of funds manager selection.
  • Jalex Trading - Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) offering an array of brokerages commodity and commodities and futures managed futures investment programs and products brokerages since 1999
  • Attain Capital Management - Alternative investment solutions focused on trading system portfolios brokerages and managed commodities and futures futures.
  • Capital Management Partners, Inc - Resources and services on alternative investment strategies including managed accounts managed commodities and futures futures, hedge funds and special situations funds.
  • - Full service brokerage and investment managers offering complimentary managed accounts CTA, brokerages money manager and hedge fund performance managed accounts reports.
  • Harcourt Investment Consulting - Switzerland based firm providing hedge funds and managed brokerages futures accounts.
  • Hasenbichler Asset Management GmbH - Alternative investments, futures and hedge products for private managed accounts and managed accounts institutional investors.
  • APM - Altegris Portfolio Management - Site describing Altegris Portfolio Management's partnership and principals.
  • Aegis Fund, Ltd. - Diversified investment fund for investors looking for alternative brokerages asset management.
  • NuWave Investment Corp. - Offers quantitative research, state of the art trading managed accounts systems, managed accounts and money management to aid in diversifying managed accounts investor returns.
  • Mulvaney Capital Management - Registered Commodity Trading Advisors offering managed futures accounts
  • Winton Capital Management - Futures and hedge fund manager specializing in systematic brokerages trading using managed accounts advanced statistical methods.
  • Worldwide Futures Systems - Alternative investments - for private and commercial investors commodities and futures seeking alternative investments opportunities.
  • Uniastrum - Low leverage, counter-trend, managed futures fund.
  • Vankar Trading Corp - Professional management of trading systems. Divisions in North brokerages America, Europe, and Australia.
  • Forbes Futures CTA - Commodity Trading Advisor managing speculative investment portfolios in commodities and futures managed accounts the futures markets. No profits, no fees.
  • Abraham Trading Company - Professional money management specializing in the global commodity managed accounts and commodities and futures financial futures markets.
  • Schindler Trading - Offers the Schindler Fund as a complement to a portfolio of stocks and bonds.
  • Fall River Capital - CTA offering 4 individually managed account programs.
  • Wisdom Financial, Inc. - Commodity futures brokerage firm specializing in system and online trading, managed accounts and managed accounts.
  • Sanctity Capital Management - Risk and asset management using managed derivatives. Services are limited risk and integrate SafeMoneyMetrics, a proprietary risk management strategy.
  • Striker Securities, Inc. - Striker specializes in the evaluation, monitoring and disciplined brokerages execution of commodities and futures 3rd party trading systems, advisory services, brokerages and managed products.
  • Meyer Capital Management - Alternative investment with managed futures.

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