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Provider of online trading of stocks, options, futures and forex. Offers direct access trading services and systems to active traders and institutions.

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  • RML Trading - Offers Real Tick III Level II quote software with direct investing access to the markets.
  • Genesis Securities - Provides a customizable direct-access trading platform for the brokerages active daytrader, institutional-trader and automated-trader. Level II fiber brokerages optic connection.
  • Trade Portal Securities - Broker dealer services for retail and institutional investors.
  • Synergy Investment Group - Direct access Level I and Level II professional day trading trading platform.
  • Echotrade - A professional off floor day trading firm. Low cost, leverage brokerages opportunity for active day traders.
  • First North American Trading Corp. Proprietary Day Trading Firm - Day trader firm. We provides traders with state investing of the art facilities, support and the opportunity investing of controlling their own financial destiny by entering, investing understanding and dominating the stock market.
  • SpeedTrader - Offers free Level II quotes, real-time streaming quotes, dynamic intra-day investing charting, low commissions, and direct access to the markets.
  • NobleTrading - Provider of online trading of stocks, options, futures investing and forex. brokerages Offers direct access trading services and investing systems to active traders brokerages and institutions.
  • Avatar Securities - Registered proprietary trading broker-dealer and Chicago Board of brokerages Options Stock brokerages Exchange (CBSX) member firm that specializes brokerages in meeting the capital brokerages and direct access platform brokerages requirements of experienced traders.
  • Pinnacle Capital Markets - US broker-dealer offering solutions for direct access trading of US brokerages equities, options and futures.
  • EdgeTrade - Direct online access to all ECN's.
  • Level 2 Trader - Trade stocks with direct access or work with a financial investing consultant.
  • Variance Trading - Provides a customizable direct-access trading platform for active brokerages day traders, investing institutions and hedge funds.
  • ChoiceTrade - Allows professionals and individuals to trade equities and day trading options with a choice of platforms on which day trading to trade.
  • Remote Day Trader - Online direct access stock trading for as low brokerages as $2.00/1000 shares.
  • Bell Direct Share Trading Platform - Bell Direct is an online stock trading platform for instant share trading and stock investing. Website also provides stock market analysis and information.
  • Golden Market Management Inc. - Canadian broker with offices in Montreal, London, Ottawa day trading and brokerages remote trading. Allows automated system trading.
  • Bright Trading - Broker member firm of the Chicago Stock Exchange, investing clearing via brokerages Goldman Sachs. Professional, proprietary stock trading investing firms in the U.S.
  • EcnBroker - Direct access broker to stocks, options, futures and forex markets.
  • RealFastTrader - Free Level 2 quotes, intraday charting, low commission rates, direct access day trading software.
  • Black Box Brokers - Direct access broker for active and institutional traders, specializing in automated trading and back office support.
  • MasterTrader - Direct access broker dealer for stock, option and futures traders offering multiple trading platforms with real-time quotes, advanced charting and educational services
  • JPR Capital - Created by and for active day-traders, offering online and branch office trading.
  • Cobra Trading - Direct access broker/dealer for active traders providing industry day trading leading investing trading platforms, commissions, customer service and short day trading locates for investing stocks, options, futures and forex.
  • Lightspeed Trading - Online stock, options and futures trading all on brokerages a single investing platform. The platform and pricing is brokerages specifically designed for professional investing traders.

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