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Holding company with subsidiaries which manage variety of equity, fixed income and gold funds and provide discount brokerage services to customers. (Nasdaq: WNMLA).

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  • Weedflower - Financial portfolio management and investment services for wealth funds management and managers and advisors long-term investing.
  • Border Asset Management - Administering UK and offshore investment funds.
  • Northern Resources - Canadian oil and gas investing opportunities. Allocates funds investing in acquisitions investing and development of field-enhacement, drilling and investing low-risk-exploration projects.
  • Coastwise Capital Group - Money-management company. Implements customized portfolios of securities for investing their clients, investing in Separate Accounts.
  • AK Partners - Fund management company with offices in Hong Kong managers and advisors and Seoul, focused on investments in Korea for managers and advisors both domestic and international investors.
  • PJM Capital - Contact information for this company that offers services managers and advisors managers and advisors in global equity and commodity investing.
  • Platina Finance - Private equity group that invests in European companies focused on buy-outs and renewable energy.
  • J.A. Financial - Managers of a real estate, mortgage-backed fund for investing California-resident investors.
  • Keppler Asset Management - New York investment advisory firm specialized in active value-oriented portfolio managers and advisors strategies for top-ranked global and regional equity funds.
  • Southpaw Asset Management - Provides investment management services for institutional investors and funds high net-worth funds individuals.
  • J. P. Martin - Personal information and blog by Jose Paul Martin, an investment investing banker and financial advisor.
  • AMP Capital Investors - Specialist investment manager in Australia and New Zealand, focused mainly on infrastructure (shopping centers, office and industrial assets), with a global network of investment partners.
  • Fund Mojo - Subscription-based services and tools for the evaluation of investing mutual-fund managers\\' performances and fees, tailored for investment investing professionals and individual investors alike.
  • Primores AG - Offers research and advisory on hedge funds. Description investing of products and services, news.
  • Asia Pacific Investment Partners Corp - Offering a wide range of services, mainly venture funds capital investments managers and advisors in Mongolia, China and Hong Kong.
  • WealthZone - Financial counseling for investments in India through mutual funds, bonds investing and other vehicles. Includes real-time information.
  • Alpha Analytics Investment Group - Diversified investment consulting and managing, blending fundamental research funds and quantitative analysis.
  • Actera Group - Actera is a major private equity fund with a focus managers and advisors in Turkey. Site in English and Turkish.
  • John W Henry & Company - Firm managing assets for institutional and private investors managers and advisors managers and advisors via alternative investments.
  • Optimal Investment Group - Works with private equity, acquiring companies and small divisions of funds large Fortune 500 companies, and commercial real estate (i.e., hotels funds and hospitality) deals throughout the US. Based in Los Angeles.
  • AssetBuilder - SEC-registered investment advisory firm co-founded by personal finance investing writer Scott Burns, offering a menu of pre-constructed investing portfolios. Articles and forums are provided.
  • Lahtinen Advisors - An exclusive distributor of selected Boutique Funds in funds the Nordic investing Region, Benelux and France.
  • MacNicol & Associates - Toronto-based firm offering Canadian and global investment management investing and advisory services.
  • Jacobson Fund Managers - A privately owned investment firm, with products covering major equity markets, bond and currencies.
  • Merlin BioMed Group - Specialized healthcare investment firm, offering Merlin Nexus II L.P., a managers and advisors late-stage life sciences private equity fund.
  • Prime Art Funds - Econometrics-driven asset management and art market information business specializing in investing the primary market for emerging art.
  • Appleton Capital Management - An alternative investment management firm serving the needs investing of a managers and advisors wide range of international clients, both investing retail and institutional.
  • Rosecastle Capital - An independent company that provides specially selected investment products to funds institutional and family office investors in the Middle East and funds Europe.
  • Paragon Wealth Management - Investment firm providing actively-managed portfolios of funds, fixed managers and advisors managers and advisors income and stocks.
  • Cowen Healthcare Royalty Partners - Firm that invests principally in commercial-stage biopharmaceutical products and companies.
  • Robinswood Financial - Registered investment advisor (RIA) firm providing individually-tailored portfolio management and financial planning services.
  • Osbon Capital Management - Defining itself as an "index boutique", OCM provides management and advisory services, as well as online articles, about exchange-traded-fund (ETF) and index investing.
  • Maranon Capital - Provider of lower-middle-market financing solutions, invests in a funds range of investing securities including leveraged loans, mezzanine loans funds and equity co-investments in investing partnership with management teams funds and private equity firms.
  • Liav Fund - Early-stage investment fund that puts capital and experience to work funds in start-up ventures in Israel, long before they are fully funds formed.
  • Browndorf Private Equity Management - Browndorf, LLC is a full service, private equity investing management company, tailored to the high net-worth private investing client, family office and institution.
  • Winmill & Co Incorporated - Holding company with subsidiaries which manage variety of managers and advisors equity, fixed income and gold funds and provide managers and advisors discount brokerage services to customers. (Nasdaq: WNMLA).

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