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Stephens Investment Management is a private limited partnership that invests in high growth companies with a focus on nanocap companies.

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  • Empiric Funds - Offers the Empiric Core Equity Fund (EMCAX), a mutual funds globally-diversified, mutual funds multi-cap fund that utilizes structured, quantitative and mutual funds empirical (SQE) mutual funds computer processes to identify opportunities (long mutual funds and short), trends mutual funds and market shifts.
  • Keeley Small Cap Value Fund - How to invest, profile, news and events.
  • Stephens Nanocap Fund - Stephens Investment Management is a private limited partnership that invests in high growth companies with a focus on nanocap companies.
  • The Arbitrage Fund - Non-diversified fund which seeks capital growth by engaging primarily in funds merger and acquisition risk arbitrage.
  • Epiphany Funds - Catholic mutual fund tracking the Faith and Family Values 100 mutual funds Index (FFV), a sector neutral, market cap weighted index comprised mutual funds of the 100 largest U.S.-based companies that pass stringent moral mutual funds and ethical standards.
  • Matthew 25 Mutual Fund - A no-load growth and value mutual fund with mutual funds positive returns each year since its inception in mutual funds 1995.
  • Sound Shore - Portfolio holdings, prospectus, and performance for domestic value funds equity fund.
  • Kalmar Investments - An open-end no-load mutual fund, for both institutional individual funds and individual funds individual investors.
  • NRVision Ventures - Investment company specializing in the fields of clean tech, renewable funds energy, life sciences and Internet startups and projects.
  • Paradigm Value Fund - Small-cap mutual fund (PVFAX), employing a disciplined investment funds process that begins with the fundamentals, managed by funds Paradigm Capital Management, Inc.
  • Marathon Value Portfolio - A no-load mutual fund that uses a value funds investing discipline with the objective of long-term capital funds appreciation.
  • Vice Fund - Invests in alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and aerospace and funds defense industries.
  • LongLeaf Partners Funds - Specializes in value investing.
  • The Pennsylvania Avenue Funds - Invests in securities of issuers that are experiencing funds a corporate individual funds event such as a corporate reorganization, funds a restructuring, or a individual funds proxy fight.
  • Edgar Lomax Value Fund - No-load fund invests primarily in the stocks of large, funds well-recognized companies it believes to be undervalued.
  • Wall Street Fund Index - Prospectus, holdings, performance data, and other information about mutual funds this individual funds domestic growth fund.
  • Rockland Small Cap Growth Fund - Invests primarily in high quality small capitalization companies that are mutual funds growing earnings substantially faster than the underlying market.
  • Villere Balanced Fund - No-load fund from St. Denis J. Villere and individual funds Company.
  • Toreador Research &Trading - Large-cap focus fund (TORLX). Applies a proprietary valuation funds approach called mutual funds "The Economic Margin Framework".
  • Volumetric Fund, Inc. - No-load growth fund which uses downside protection to funds minimize risk.
  • Muhlenkamp Fund - Total return fund with a value orientation.
  • Appleseed Fund - No-load socially responsible value fund. Incorporates fundamental analysis, mutual funds environmental funds and social screens, and community investing.
  • Safe Ship Investment Fund - European maritime private open-ended fund incorporated in Luxembourg, with the mutual funds purpose to invest in the shipping industry.
  • Mutual of America Institutional Funds, Inc. - A no-load mutual fund, is available to organizations, endowments, foundations, mutual funds trusts, municipalities and other institutional investors. Institutional funds include equity, mutual funds fixed income and money market portfolios.
  • Global Gold Fund - Invests in gold mining equities, physical gold and funds precious metals and may invest in other natural funds resources companies and commodities.
  • MVM - Bio-technology fund management invests in companies at the forefront of mutual funds the Bio-technology revolution.
  • Torray Fund - Seek to build shareholder wealth over long periods individual funds (10 funds years or more) and to minimize shareholder individual funds capital funds gains.
  • The Wisdom Fund - Fund follows portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway and tries mutual funds to mutual funds emulate its holdings.
  • Prospero Funds - Actively managed fund using four different asset positions.
  • Anchor Multi-Strategy Growth Fund - No-load, open-end mutual fund that provides access to funds multiple, alternative funds investment strategies, in pursuit of funds absolute performance in unpredictable funds markets.
  • Ameristock Mutual Fund - A no-load, large cap value domestic equity-income mutual fund.
  • AMIDEX Mutual Fund - Offers the AMIDEX35 Israel fund along with the AMIDEX cancer mutual funds innovations and healthcare fund.
  • Matrix Advisors Value Fund - Managing stock profiles for a diverse clientele.
  • Industry Leaders Fund - Focuses on book value and corporate debt rating.
  • The Gateway Fund - An equity mutual fund which uses index options individual funds to manage risk.
  • Holland Balanced Fund - Fund managed by Michael Holland, regular panelist on mutual funds Louis mutual funds Rukeyser's "Wall Street."
  • Kopp Funds - Advisers for the Kopp Emerging Growth Fund.
  • Clipper Fund, Inc. - Prospectus and performance information for this concentrated fund with a contrarian value style.

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