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Stock market game where you simulate managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures. Test an investment idea, learn about the financial markets, or develop a track record.

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Virtual Stock Exchange* - Stock market game and message boards. Trade stocks and funds in a collaborative environment. Run your own competition or join others.

  • The Great Game - Equity trading on the London Exchange. Free prizes games for the best performing portfolio each month. Direct games links for research and analysis.
  • Wall Street Raider - Windows based investing game. Includes information and download links.
  • Case Game, LLC - urladex - Trade virtual shares in web sites based on their Alexa games traffic rating.
  • Blogshares - Fantasy weblog stock game, where weblog value is based on games hits and links.
  • - Free mock commodity trading.
  • Fantasy Stock Market - Free, fun and educational investment game. Trade business stocks and mutual funds with $100,000 in fantasy business money. Portfolios are tracked and ranked for business monthly prizes. Perfect for the beginning investor business or professionals.
  • - Offers fixed-odds financial betting with either virtual or real accounts.
  • BullBearings - A free UK based investment website featuring fantasy stocks and business virtual financial spread betting.
  • U.S Idea Futures Exchange - A free web-based futures market.
  • Stock-Trak - Stock market game where you simulate business managing a investing portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, business options and futures. investing Test an investment business idea, learn about the financial markets, investing or develop business a track record.
  • Foresight Exchange - A notional stock market where you buy shares investing betting on the outcome of future events.
  • Xycoon Online - Virtual stock exchange. Free simulated trading.
  • - Option market simulation. Derivatives pricing calculators for treasury managers, hedgers investing and traders.
  • League of American Investors - Learn to invest in the stock market using a stock investing market simulator game.

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