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Specialist in exchanges of real and tangible personal property. Includes aircraft, real estate, and multi-property exchange programs. Based in Concord, MA.

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  • American Equity Exchange, Inc. - Features company background, staff, exchange basics, aircraft and qualified intermediaries personal property exchanges, news. Located in Dillon, MT.
  • Exchange Services Group - Chicago-based exchange facilitator. Features downloadable forms and overview real estate of exchanges exchanges for real estate, personal property, energy, real estate fine arts, exchanges marine, intellectual property.
  • Independent Exchange Services, Inc. - Provider of exchange services to real estate investors. qualified intermediaries Offers information on the process, benefits, company staff. qualified intermediaries Located in San Francisco, CA.
  • APEX Property Exchange, Inc. - Presents company profile, services, news, case studies, white papers. Subsidiary real estate of JPMorgan Chase Bank. Located in Hanover, MA.
  • Realty Exchangers, Inc. - Exchange facilitator based in Vancouver, WA. Includes company real estate profile, real estate free online manual, capital gains estimator, fee real estate schedule.
  • Pioneer 1031 Company - Tax-deferred exchange accommodator. Includes common pitfalls, definitions, FAQs, qualified intermediaries fees. exchanges Affiliate of Pioneer Title Company. Located in qualified intermediaries Boise, Idaho.
  • Old South Exchange Services, LLC - Provides services for investment property owners seeking to save taxes. qualified intermediaries Includes types of exchanges, seminars, company profile. Offices in the qualified intermediaries Florida Panhandle.
  • Newport Exchange Corp. - Specialists in exchange transactions. Presents firm profile, fee schedule, capital gains calculator, FAQs. Located in Boston, MA.
  • Asset Preservation, Inc. - Exchanger of real and personal property. Offers articles, exchanges links, questions qualified intermediaries and answers. A subsidiary of Stewart exchanges Title Company. Based in qualified intermediaries Granite Bay, CA with exchanges offices nationwide.
  • 1031x.com - Full service qualified exchange intermediary. Includes FAQs, newsletters, resources. Located qualified intermediaries in Denver, CO.
  • Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) - Industry trade association for 1031 exchange qualified intermediaries. Provides exchanges education, certification, legislative activity and guidance to the 1031 exchange exchanges industry.
  • TIMCOR Exchange Corporation - Exchange accommodator. Includes basic information, fees, questions and answers. Offices exchanges in Texas, California, and Illinois.
  • Exchange Professionals of Maryland, Inc. - Encourages investors to use leveraging in investment. Includes fees, services, real estate 1031 process, staff, FAQs. Offices in Westminster, MD.
  • Time Value Property Exchange, Inc. - Specialist in exchanges of real and tangible personal exchanges property. Includes qualified intermediaries aircraft, real estate, and multi-property exchange exchanges programs. Based in Concord, qualified intermediaries MA.
  • Reverse Exchange Services, Inc. - Exchange accommodation titleholder (EAT). Features exchange types, news, qualified intermediaries resources, FAQs. Affiliate of Consolidated Reverse Management, qualified intermediaries Inc. Based in San Francisco, CA.
  • Exchange Authority, LP - Offers company profile, services, newsletter, and articles on real estate the secrets of exchanging. Located in Pepperell, MA.
  • 1031 Exchange Options - Property exchange consultancy. Features workshops, company profile, news. real estate A real estate division of VentureSmart, Inc. Located in Lafayette, real estate CA.
  • National 1031 Exchange Service, LLC - Facilitator of tax deferred exchanges. Features seminars and real estate publications, real estate fees and costs. Located in Boulder, CO.

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