Community Investing Socially Responsible Investing

Non-profit organization offering community investment notes that fight poverty, finance affordable homes, fund small and micro businesses and engage in community development.

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  • Metropolitan Housing Partnership - Community investment specialises in community funding projects, affordable socially responsible houses socially responsible for renting in London, alternative to council socially responsible housing and socially responsible shared ownership schemes. UK.
  • Unity Trust Bank - Provides UK banking and financial services to the trade union, investing charity, voluntary and credit union sectors.
  • BlueOrchard Finance s.a. - Swiss company specializing in the management of investment funds dedicated investing to the micro-finance industry. Serves investors, funds, and micro-finance institutions investing supporting sustainable development of micro-entrepreneurship in emerging economies.
  • National Community Investment Fund - Community development financial intermediary reinvesting institutional monies in investing independent and minority-owned financial institutions with a community investing development focus. United States.
  • Oikocredit - A large financier of the microfinance sector worldwide. community investing Funds socially responsible projects in the South benefiting disadvantaged and community investing marginalised people. socially responsible Cooperative society business structure. Loans channeled community investing through a network socially responsible of offices spread over Latin community investing America, Asia, Afr
  • Enabling Microfinance in China - An internet and mobile based social lending, educational investing tools, social socially responsible enterprise guidance and innovation resources for investing poverty alleviation and green socially responsible economy building in China investing and all around the world.
  • Coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions - National CDFI membership organization offering promotion, training, research, community investing and socially responsible networking. United States.
  • Calvert Foundation - Non-profit organization offering community investment notes that fight poverty, finance community investing affordable homes, fund small and micro businesses and engage in community investing community development.
  • - Introduction and in-depth information published by Co-op America and the socially responsible Social Investment Forum Foundation.
  • MicroVest - Microfinance investment firm providing capital and management oversight community investing to investing emerging market microfinance institutions in order to community investing build capital investing markets that work for the world\'s community investing entrepreneurial poor. USA
  • Minority Finance - Information and services that individuals, Federal agencies, State and local investing governments and the private sector can use to provide capital investing to minority and underserved communities. MN United States
  • ShoreBank - Offers "development deposits" to investors nationwide who wish community investing to improve the economic health of urban and community investing rural communities. United States.
  • Community Development Finance Association - Membership organization providing capacity building, networking, development, and research. United investing Kingdom.
  • Self Help Credit Union - Community development deposit accounts for those wishing to community investing help socially responsible small businesses, nonprofits, women, minorities, rural residents, community investing and low-wealth socially responsible families. United States.
  • Developing World Markets MicroFinance, LLC - Arranges financing for microfinance institutions in the developing socially responsible world enabling low income entrepreneurs with no legitimate socially responsible alternative access to capital to start and run socially responsible their own micro enterprises. USA
  • Invested in the Common Good - Review of Susan Meeker-Lowry\\'s book on socially responsible thinking, community, socially responsible and activism.
  • Social Finance - Set up to lay the foundations for a community investing social investing investment bank to help enable the third community investing sector to investing respond to society\\'s needs by facilitating community investing greater access to investing investment. UK
  • Friends of women's World Banking, India - Microfinance institution in India. Targets the economically disadvantaged socially responsible women section in Indian society.
  • Community Development Venture Capital Alliance - Intermediary serving community development venture capital funds socially responsible through investing training, financing, consulting, research, and advocacy. US socially responsible and Global investing working groups.
  • MicroCapital - A group of associated professionals discussing micro finance investments. Weblog.
  • Jewish Funds for Justice - Mobilizes resources for low-income community development, community development, and shareholder investing advocacy work. Primarily Jewish-American. Education, newsletter, articles, and books. United investing States.
  • Latino Community Credit Union - Community-based, member-owned nonprofit financial institution providing protection of investing financial assets, community investing loans, financial independence and education. Fully investing bilingual. United States.
  • University Bank - Community development financial institution and FDIC bank investing community investing in economically challenged neighborhoods in Saint Paul and community investing Minneapolis. US
  • Opportunity Finance Network - A US-based membership organization of CDFIs. Provides capital, community investing technical socially responsible assistance, and development services to support the community investing revitalization of socially responsible economically-disadvantaged urban, rural, and reservation-based communities.
  • Accent Group is a UK based Community Investment Business - UK based Community Investment Business. Acts as a catalyst for socially responsible change in communities. Works in Health, Education, Regeneration and Housing.
  • National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions - Coalition dedicated to strengthening the credit unions that serve low-income community investing communities -- known as "community development credit unions." Provides community investing financial, technical, and human resources to CDCUs. USA
  • The Enterprise Social Investment Corporation - Acquires, finances and develops affordable housing and other community investing community development initiatives in underserved neighborhoods across the community investing US.
  • Moksha-Yug Access - Growth catalyst for rural India provides micro finance and micro credit for rural development.

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