Cross-Cultural Education and Training Management

Learn about training and coaching services to enhance multicultural team development; includes profile, products, and client list. Based in London, England.

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  • The Cross Cultural Health Care Program - Training for health care and other management professionals education and training management in the skills of cultural competency.
  • Competitive Skills LTD - Business training and seminars for European companies going east with management western and local trainers located in Bangkok, Hongkong, Singapore (and management Germany).
  • Consultants Interculturele Communicatie - CIC offers coaching, advice and workshops in intercultural education and training management management and communication skills. Languages: English, Dutch, French education and training management and Spanish.
  • Ionis International - International, cross-cultural business training, specializing in Chinese and management Japanese business management relations. Experienced provider of intercultural business management training programs, coaching, and management consulting for organizations operating management in the Pacific Rim.
  • Pegasus Consultants Limited - Pegasus trains and consults for western companies doing cross-cultural business in education and training China. Courses include etiquette, cultural awareness, cross-cultural negotiation techniques, Chinese language education and training and travel tips.
  • Intercultural Quotient - Web site of cross-cultural consultant and trainer, André cross-cultural Tircotte PhD. Site also has a intercultural IQ cross-cultural quiz.
  • Forio Business Simulations - Offers simulation based management training and e-learning. Forio education and training management business simulations can be delivered through learning management education and training management system platforms or as stand-alone web-based applications.
  • International Orientation Resources - Cross-cultural training for international assignees and business travelers.
  • Étiquette SVP - Seminars for professionals on improving social skills, etiquette, cross-cultural and business behaviour.
  • Si! Everything Spanish Corporate and Cultural Consultants - Offering translation, corporate, and cultural consulting services to education and training management companies and individuals conducting business in Spanish-speaking countries education and training management as well as entertaining and hosting ideas.
  • Metafora Business Associates - Learn about cross cultural consulting and training for cross-cultural expatriates living cross-cultural and working in Asia. Based in cross-cultural Singapore.
  • Doing Business in Israel - A Cross-cultural, business oriented training program providing seminars education and training and coaching services for employees of US companies education and training planning or involved in Israeli business ventures.
  • Elaine Winters - Specializing in cross-cultural training and instructional design.
  • MEABT (Canada) Ltd. - Offers articles, an ezine, and coaching for expats management in Jordan and the Arab world.
  • David See-Chai Lam Center - Descriptions of courses related to Pacific Rim cultures, education and training cross-cultural offered to businesspeople by educational center in Vancouver.
  • Coghill & Beery International - Learn about training and coaching services to enhance multicultural team education and training development; includes profile, products, and client list. Based in education and training London, England.
  • Intercultural Business Center - Provides multicultural business training services including in-house seminars, consulting and on-line learning.
  • Cross Cultural Communication - Provides one-on-one coaching and cross cultural training for management multi-national corporations, management government agencies, and for private individuals. management with specific emphasis on management German - US relations
  • Gugin - International Business Development - We help international companies and organisations succeed in a globalised multi-cultural world.
  • ITAP International - ITAP International provides cross-cultural consulting, training and products education and training cross-cultural to business executives, multicultural teams, and organizations seeking education and training cross-cultural to enhance their global effectiveness.
  • Xena Intercultural Management - Cross-cultural awareness, country-specific workshops, cross-cultural communication skills, expatriate management services.
  • SoCoCo Intercultural - Provides consulting and management training across European and North American management cultures.
  • Language & Culture Worldwide - A full-service consulting firm providing intercultural, diversity, and management language training, management as well as executive coaching and management research for today\'s global management firms.
  • Euro-India Business and Travel - Provides cross-cultural training for western companies to India and South-Asia.
  • Handshaikh, Ltd. - Cross culture seminars on life and business with management Gulf Arabs. Cross culture book "Don\'t they know management it's Friday?" available on-line.
  • Insight Italy - Specialists in ex-pat services and training programmes for education and training education and training cultural integration and cultural awareness in business, specialising education and training education and training in Italy.
  • Creative Concepts - Providing a training, consulting services for organizational development management as well management as cross-cultural and diversity awareness.
  • Jennifer Rosen Heinz Consulting - Intercultural Consulting, Training and Coaching, with special emphasis on German-American business relations
  • ERUdyne - Offers global business management training and consulting in education and training cross-cultural cross-cultural awareness and communication, global leadership, customer care education and training cross-cultural and team building.
  • Intercultural Management Institute - The Intercultural Management Institute (IMI) is a training and research center dedicated to facilitating effective communication across cultures.
  • Global workshop training and consulting - Cross-cultural international business training and relocation reports
  • Transnational Management Associates (TMA) - Global management development specialists with offices in Princeton, education and training cross-cultural London, Paris and Singapore for cross-cultural training.
  • Protocol Professionals, Inc. - An international consulting firm specializing in protocol and education and training cross-cultural etiquette training, certification, executive coaching and special events. education and training cross-cultural The firm is headquartered in San Francisco with education and training cross-cultural fourteen US and international associate offices.
  • International Advantage - Providing French, English and Spanish Cross Cultural Training for corporations as well as International Business Relations.
  • Cornelius Grove and Associates - Offers services to help employees from different cultures work together management productively to attain the global objectives of their firm.
  • Culture Connect - Provides cross-cultural training and consulting to businesses. Details of services, management links and staff.
  • Executive Master in Intercultural Communication - Designed to equip students with the tools to handle the challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism, an ever increasing characteristic of our society and economy.
  • Diversity Strategies - Focused on intercultural management, leadership and communication training cross-cultural and consulting. Expertise in Japanese organizations and those cross-cultural who work with Japanese. Offices in Kuala Lumpur, cross-cultural Malasia.
  • ISWK Cross-cultural Training - Cross-cultural training, German courses, business German courses, Interkulturelle cross-cultural Training, Tyska Kurs, Deutschkurse, Geschaeftsdeutsch.
  • LucyShahar - Provides cross-cultural leadership development and consultation for Israel, Europe,U.S. and Far East business.
  • N Vision Learning Solutions GmbH - German firm designs and delivers international leadership development cross-cultural programs, executive cross-cultural coaching and consulting services.
  • Silk Road Communications - Facilitates understanding, communications and relationships between people from cross-cultural different countries management around the world.
  • Dries Debackere bvba - Belgium-based management training agency and consultancy. Areas of expertise: cross-cultural cross-cultural management, leadership, teamwork, diversity management, ethnomarketing and brand name analysis.
  • The Web Of Culture - Provides cross-culturual training and consulting services.
  • - An online journal for intercultural communication.

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