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University of Kiel, Germany. His research focus is on crisis management, corporate communications, risk management, early warning systems, multinational corporations and virtual competence center.

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  • Stawski, Scott - An expert in leveraging technology to maximize organizational marketing efforts with a fourteen-year track record in marketing strategy development, database marketing, and customer relationship management.
  • Mattila, Anna - Penn State University, School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management. management science Her research topics focus on cross-cultural issues in services marketing, management science and particularly on the study of emotional loyalty and the management science impact of culture on service recovery.
  • Reddy, Muppani Venkata - Doctoral Student, Shailesh J. Mehta School of personal pages Management, management IIT, Mumbai, India.
  • Resad Begtic - Professor of Marketing, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and personal pages Herzegovina. personal pages Includes, CV, books and selected publications.
  • Hulsink, Willem - Associate professor of Entreneurship at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • Mitchel F. Bloom - Offering management consulting services.
  • Murat, Alper - a PhD candidate at McGill University, Montreal and specializing in Supply Chain Management.
  • Savageau, Keith - Masters student at Cornell University studying Applied Economics management and Management.
  • Ofek, Haya Kivilis - organizational psychologist.
  • Roselieb, Frank - University of Kiel, Germany. His research focus is on crisis management, corporate communications, risk management, early warning systems, multinational corporations and virtual competence center.
  • Keen, Peter G. W. - Surf Peter Keen\\'s ideas and strategies for improving your company\'s personal pages IT structure.
  • Hunter, William G. - his Life and Legacy.
  • Arsham, Hossein - Professor of Management Science and Statistics, University of management Baltimore. personal pages Biographical information, instructional activities, research and management publications, consulting services, and personal pages favorite bookmarks.
  • Tabrizi, Hossein Abdoh - Professor in Finance, Institute for Research in management science Planning management and Development, Tehran, Iran.
  • Umar, Amjad - Course materials, outlines, presentation slides, project assignments, based personal pages on management science university and industrial courses.
  • Orlikowski, Wanda J. - Associate Professor of Information Technologies at the MIT management Sloan School of Management.
  • Chambers, Richard - Reports and papers from MBA classes.
  • Kappelman, Leon A. - Director of the Information Systems Research personal pages Center and holder of the personal pages Farrington Professorship in Business Computer personal pages Information Systems in the College of personal pages Business Administration at the personal pages University of North Texas.
  • Miller, Tony - Dr. Miller is an expert in the added value areas management of improving performance, productivity and procedures with many years management of experience in the HR consultancy.
  • Ghauri, Pervez N. - Prof, Manchester School of Management, UMIST, UK.
  • Vedpuriswar, A.V. - Dean, ICFAI Knowledge Centre, Hyderabad, India. His profile, the books and articles published, his favourites, his family and the presentations used.
  • Yi, Yuandong - Has some resources regarding research in social, science, management science including management, marketing, international business, information system, strategy.
  • Doyle, Chris - Network industries, particularly telecommunications. Associate Fellow, Centre for management science Management under Regulation, Warwick Business School and Associate management science Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Warwick.
  • Awaad, Ashraf - New way of thinking and discovering quality of management science life management science through selfmade challenges and learning with "Applying management science Thoughts" slogan.

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