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Full color, life size three dimensional holograms with animation for point-of-purchase, trade show, and promotions, includes products, technology, and applications.

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  • Lantor LTD - Specializes in manufacturing gifts, souvenirs, and other useful products with promotional products 3-D lenticular designs.
  • Outer Aspect - New Zealand company specializing in products such as hand bags advertising and notebooks featuring lenticular patterns.
  • LPC World - European company providing the graphic industry with lenticular promotional products sheet promotional products materials, technical support training and consulting services.
  • Zebra Imaging - Company makes digitally-mastered, full color holographic images that promotional products can be scaled to any size.
  • ActivImage - Supplier of lenticular technology. Located in Spain.
  • Lenstar - A resource to research and learn more about the lenticular promotional products processes.
  • The Hologram Gallery - Sells stock holographic images including bookmarks, stickers and promotional products other gift items.
  • Holograma - Lithuanian provider of holographic security and authentication labels.
  • AD 2000 - Custom Designed Commercial Holography manufacturer for use in advertising promotional and educational materials.
  • AlterAction - Canadian company handles designing interlacing, printing and finishing promotional products of 3D lenticular images.
  • Top-Print (H.K.), Ltd. - Hong Kong based manufacturer and exporter of PVC advertising lenticular products.
  • In-Depth Image System - Complete, automatic, software and hardware technology for making lenticular and holographics 3D lenticular portraits. Good for photographers and for lenticular and holographics photo/advertising studios.
  • Klass Holotek India - Holographics manufacturer located in India
  • Edis S.p.A. - Italy. Producer and packager of lenticular cards, postcards lenticular and holographics and stickers. Offering a wide range of products lenticular and holographics for large scale promotions
  • Hspace - Toronto company specializes in full colour holographic productions.
  • Alter Ego Graphic Productions - Canadian Lenticular manufacturer.
  • Winz Company - Hong Kong marketer of lenticular and holographic images. Also promotional products offers security labels, packaging and premiums.
  • ZiOSS 3D Photography & Lenticular - Malaysian company offering lenticular products and services.
  • RR Donnelley - 3D & Motion Printing provider. Site designed for marketers, advertising designers, buyers and home enthusiasts.
  • NovaVision, Inc. - Products and services for security, packaging and promotional advertising applications using holograms, mag-stripes, consecutive numbering and bar-coding.
  • Mirage 3D Imaging Works - Singaporean company specializing in large format lenticular printing.
  • Photogram Technologies - Canadian Manufacturer. Making images for both fine promotional products art lenticular and holographics and commercial use.
  • Holomatrix - South African supplier of holographic products.
  • Séquence 3-D - French manufacturer of lenticular products. Design, Pre-press, advertising Printing, Post-press.
  • World3D Lenticular Printing - Offers full service lenticular production for marketing and lenticular and holographics promotional products promotions. Includes samples, success stories and client lenticular and holographics promotional products portfolio.
  • Tracer Imaging - Tracer Imaging is a "deal-direct" manufacturer of lenticular advertising prints."deal-direct" manufacturer lenticular and holographics of lenticular prints.
  • HumanEyes Technology Ltd. - Israeli company sells 3D lenticular software to create stereographic images.
  • Promotional Best - Offers 3d lenticular production for marketing and promotions. advertising Includes postcards, promotional products bookmarks and keychains. China.
  • Holophile, Inc. - Specializes in custom holograms and Spectral Imagery that lenticular and holographics lenticular and holographics projects in thin air moving, 3-dimensional images lenticular and holographics lenticular and holographics of people.
  • Magic Lens - Istanbul based lenticular company.
  • Royal holographic - Selection of stock holograms. Also custom holographic work on silver promotional products halide film (for decor, display, advertising).
  • 3D Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Indian company markets 3D images including lenticulars, floor, window and building graphics, volumetric projection systems.
  • Liti Holographics - Full color, life size three dimensional holograms with animation for lenticular and holographics point-of-purchase, trade show, and promotions, includes products, technology, and applications.
  • New Visual Marketing - Polish company specializing in 3D lenticular images and offset printing promotional products focusing on short run printing of large lenticular formats.
  • Lentech Korea Co, Ltd - Korea-based operation supplying 3D lenticulars and other promotional lenticular and holographics lenticular and holographics merchandise.
  • Holoshop - Retail store featuring holographic products from watches to lenticular and holographics baseball cards.
  • 3D Images Ltd, London, England - UK based supplier of custom designed Lenticular images
  • Just Say 3D - Irish company produces lenticulars & holograms
  • Imagium - Spain. Manufacturer of lenticular printing software for advertising MacOS X and PC
  • Varivue - Company offers printing, licensing and information on lenticular lenticular and holographics lenticular and holographics history.
  • Rays 3D - India manufacturer of lenticular printing.
  • Grayson Marshall Dimensional Imaging - Large scale lenticular printing for 3d and flip promotional products image lenticular and holographics effects.
  • Digillax Systems - Provides lenticular imaging, printing and consulting services.
  • Holostar Home English - Holographic manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Hive Associates Ltd - English company that offers lenticular solutions.
  • Bart Kelsey - Australian company producing both large format direct-to-lens lenticular advertising printing and short run small format printing.
  • Holoflex Limited - India-Manufacturer of Scratch-o-Gram (Scratch Coated Hologram) and Laser Marked Holograms for secure promos.
  • National Graphics - Manufacturer of lenticular images with 3d, motion, morph, promotional products flip, promotional products and zoom effects.
  • Vishal Holo Solutions (P) Limited - Manufacturer of security hologram stickers and other holographic advertising products.

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