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Boutique naming agency in Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in name and tagline services for major brands, technology companies, "green" products, and non-profits.

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See Also:
  • The Naming Company - Creates memorable, marketable names for new products, services branding and businesses.
  • DriveThruNames - Agency providing business and corporate identity services.
  • Brighter Naming - Independent agency in northern California. Specializes in marketing and advertising branding rapid development.
  • Applebaum Associates, Inc - New York-based firm that creates marketing identities for marketing and advertising branding new products, corporate entities, and services
  • Namebase - Trademark services, market research, global namecheck and brand names.
  • Metaphor - Specializing in expert name development for companies, products marketing and advertising and services.
  • Stokefire - Boutique naming agency in Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in name and tagline services for major brands, technology companies, "green" products, and non-profits.
  • Nametag International, Inc - Providing clients with brand strategy and naming services.
  • Medibrand - Naming, branding and market testing for medical products and pharmaceuticals.
  • NameQuest - Offers brand, service and company naming, creation and marketing and advertising naming testing.
  • Master-McNeil, Inc - Offers creative and strategic naming and brand architecture marketing and advertising branding services.
  • Brains on Fire - A national identity development company located in South Carolina.
  • The Name Stormers - Company and brand name development, consulting and software.
  • Namix - Namix offers identity solutions for products, services and businesses.
  • Nomenon - Offers a full range of naming and identity branding services.
  • NameLab - Agency offering a "constructional linguistics" approach since 1981. Specializes in naming automotive, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods branding.
  • NameDesigner - Terminologically trained experts provide product and company names naming for small businesses.
  • Nomen - Twenty-five years experience in creating identities.
  • Brand Institute - Global full service brand identity consultants specializing in naming market research, naming trademark screening and linguistic services.
  • Tungsten Brand Marketing - Creates new names and tag lines for businesses branding and their products.
  • Russellmark Group - Corporate naming, product naming, naming systems and information design.
  • Catchword - Creates product, service and company names. Provides strategic brand consulting. naming Staff, creative process, clientele and philosophy.
  • Brandslinger - Specialists in verbal branding and trademark development. Located in branding northern California.
  • Bizword - General verbal branding firm specializing in Developing registrable marketing and advertising branding trademarks. Located in Benicia, California.
  • Capsule - Consultant specializing in identity design. Located in naming Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Nomino Naming - Specializes in naming services for English and French branding markets, along with logo and corporate identity consulting.
  • Idiom - Brand strategy consultants specializing in creative methodologies. naming Located in San Francisco, California.
  • A Hundred Monkeys - Mill Valley, CA-based agency specializing in developing brand naming identities and naming positioning strategies.
  • ABC Namebank - New York based agency specializing in major brands. marketing and advertising Uses a tactical approach.
  • Igor - Agency specializing in corporate and consumer product naming, naming branding, positioning and research.
  • MessagingLab - San Francisco based consulting firm offering verbal branding naming services to naming multiple markets.
  • Moore Names - Generating new product names, line extensions, tag lines marketing and advertising branding and corporate names.
  • Nameworks - Name creation for new products, services and companies.
  • Eat My Words - San Francisco based agency specializing in the verbal branding branding of food and drink.
  • Strategic Name Development - Company offering product and brand naming, tagline and branding slogan development, and brand name research.

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