Regional Consulting Marketing and Advertising

Specializing in the high net-worth and affluent individuals markets in the UK. Undertakes an annual market assessment, and conducts a number of specific market and segment reviews.

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See Also:
  • Marfortec - Market and business development offering support to companies marketing and advertising marketing and advertising developing into Europe.
  • Indonesian Advertising & Multimedia - Advertising, public relations (PR) and corporate communications services; including audio, video and interactive media (multimedia) production.
  • Promoidea S.L. - Sales promotion company in Spain.
  • Madras Consultancy Group - Assists foreign investors who wish to enter India consulting with market analysis, research and consulting on market consulting entry strategies.
  • Iran - Seyed-Hossien Raissi - Established consumer-product marketing consultant,located in Tehran, Iran.
  • NSL International - Offers a consolidated platform of knowledge, expertise and skills to consulting facilitate the launch, penetration, consolidation and expansion of ventures into consulting India.
  • Midas Consulting - Performs competitive intelligence, management and strategy consulting, market research and consulting analysis services throughout the Latin American region, Spain and Portugal.
  • Heweson Consulting Group - Customer management practice and the effective use of marketing and advertising regional IT.
  • Arab European Business Consulting - Assists foreign firms in entering Arabian markets.
  • The Beanstalk Group, Inc. - Assists in licensing and marketing brands and trademarks consulting worldwide.
  • M&H Communications Group - Strategic communications consultancy headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Assists foreign companies in entering eastern European markets.
  • ESARC Trade and Promotion, s.r.l. - Assisting foreign companies and organizations in doing business marketing and advertising in Italy.
  • Asia Pacific Business Management Consultants Limited - Market consulting firm in Asia Pacific.
  • Myrtle - UK-based company that helps brands communicate in an accelerated culture.
  • D and S consulting - Marketing consulting company focusing on IT in China
  • Ravi Global - Providing marketing consultancy services to foreign principals for marketing and advertising sale of goods and services to purchasing agencies marketing and advertising in Pakistan and neighboring countries.
  • Indonesian Business and Marketing Consultants - Strategic management, customer service and human resources management regional consulting.
  • W. H. Bosch - Freelance business consultant located in Spain.
  • Market-Dynamics Research & Consulting - Specializing in the high net-worth and affluent individuals markets in the UK. Undertakes an annual market assessment, and conducts a number of specific market and segment reviews.
  • Joshua Research Consultants - A marketing research firm in Asia Pacific.
  • Global Impact Partners - Sales productivity consulting to help accelerate product introductions marketing and advertising into Europe, Asia, Japan and Latin America.
  • Henmore Marketing - Integrated marketing solutions in public relations, marketing consultancy, marketing communications, regional direct marketing, promotions and website design.
  • Chinese market Consultancy - Italian consultant for China.
  • Joel Leyden - International marketing, public relations and e-commerce consultants. Serving consulting commercial and consulting governmental organizations.
  • SellAgence Limited - Marketing and brand management company servicing the business needs of global brands in the New Zealand market.
  • Admis Advisors - Focused on industrial marketing research and consulting in regional Romania.
  • Marketing - Strategy - Research - Business-to-business marketing and strategic development organisation, based in regional the UK.
  • OzVox Media - Australian Internet marketing consultants.
  • Revelation Productions - Australian advertising and marketing consultant.
  • Africahold - Corporate development consulting between Europe and South Africa.
  • Simon Holt Marketing Services - Provides consultancy and service in all areas of marketing and advertising the marketing mix. Based in the UK
  • Delta Ve Marketing - Marketing and sales consultancy for companies interested in investing in Brazil and Mercosul (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay).
  • Marjara & Associates - Marketing consultant and specialists in distributor network development, sales agents regional and representative for foreign companies in India.
  • Myth - Assists with integrated marketing and advertising solutions specific marketing and advertising to the New Zealand culture.
  • Shanghai Direct - Market entry, sales and distribution consulting service for consulting the China regional market. Specializing in consumer products and consulting business education.
  • Platform Communications Group, Ltd. - Provides business development and strategic marketing assistance to companies wishing marketing and advertising to develop their business prospects throughout the Asia Pacific region.
  • BRA Partner - Norwegian consultants in management, finance and marketing
  • Marketing Projects Ltd - UK based marketing and PR consultants specialising in regional IT.
  • Acce Consulting, Ltd. - Providing marketing consulting services to foreign businesses interested in entering marketing and advertising the Chinese market.

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