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A US national organization of marketing research professionals and firms. Find news and events, membership, links to marketing research companies.

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  • Online Publishers Association - Provides latest market research news and publications.
  • Council for Marketing and Opinion Research - A non-profit organization working on behalf of the survey research associations industry to improve respondent cooperation in research, and to promote associations positive legislation and prevent restrictive legislation which could impact the associations survey research industry.
  • The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) - Conducts survey research in the public interest for government agencies, associations educational institutions, private foundations, non-profit organizations, and private corporations.
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) - Enhances the professionalism of qualitative marketing and social research, and provides for communications among its members.
  • Marketing Research Association - A US national organization of marketing research professionals marketing and advertising and firms. Find news and events, membership, links marketing and advertising to marketing research companies.
  • The Association for Qualitative Research - Spearheading all major developments in qualitative research. Includes marketing and advertising market research overview of the association and qualitative research as marketing and advertising market research well as a reading list, hot topics and marketing and advertising market research links.
  • American Association of Public Opinion Resources - Provides guides, standards, definitions, recommended and condemned practices marketing and advertising for public policy survey data collection.
  • Business and Industrial Group - Represents and promotes the interests and activities of users and associations suppliers of b2b and industrial market research. Includes online buyers associations guide. Provides information regarding the selection of consultants and a associations searchable online database of suppliers.
  • Association of Survey Computing - Closely linked with the Market Research Society and market research the market research Royal Statistical Society. News events, courses and market research resources.
  • Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) - Trade association of survey research businesses, representing companies associations and research operations throughout North America.
  • Market Research Society - Professional body that exists to set and enforce associations the ethical standards to be observed by research associations practitioners. Includes overview, code of conduct and details associations of training courses, qualifications and publications.
  • Social Research Association - News and information relating to training days, seminars, associations conferences and market research events.
  • Market Research Society of Australia - Dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market research market research.
  • Media Research Group - Non-profit making organisation which aims to promote an understanding of marketing and advertising the techniques and uses of media research. Overview and details marketing and advertising of events, including downloadable reports and presentations from past conferences.
  • The Research Buyer's Guide - Search for agencies and consultancies, group discussion and associations viewing facilities or full members and fellows of associations the MRS at listed organisations.
  • The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research - Library of public opinion data, focusing on data market research preservation and access, education, and research on public market research opinion.
  • Mexican Association of Marketing and Public Opinion Research Agencies - Association of marketing and opinion research companies in associations Mexico. Defines common quality norms and standards in associations methods, techniques, terminology, and analysis criteria as related associations to marketing research in Mexico.

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