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Marketing news weblog for marketers, and market researchers. Posts cover advertising, customer experience, marketing, media, plus tips on using the Perception Analyzer product by MSInteractive.

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  • Simplenomics - Sales, customers service, leadership, success and marketing tips.
  • Advertnews.com - Advertising and marketing news.
  • Digital-Advertising - Discusses digital advertising, ad networks, affiliates and digital marketing and advertising creatives.
  • Guerrilla Consulting Blog - Resources for consultants; companion to book Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants marketing and advertising by Jay Conrad Levinson and Michael W. McLaughlin.
  • Dial.Log - Marketing news weblog for marketers, and market researchers. marketing and advertising Posts cover advertising, customer experience, marketing, media, plus marketing and advertising tips on using the Perception Analyzer product by marketing and advertising MSInteractive.
  • Ad Cult - A digest of marketing strategy, cultural branding and innovative new weblogs ads.
  • Market Anomaly - A diary of creative business and marketing. Investigates news and media weblogs cross currents between PR, marketing, and advertising.
  • Twelve Horses Horse Power Blog - Covers internet marketing including blogs, web development, mobile marketing, online marketing and advertising advertising, search engine optimization, and podcasting.
  • TomBomb.com - A blog from Silicon Valley marketer Tom Hayes.
  • Caffeine Marketing - Provides marketing news and information, covering direct marketing, SEO, copy writing, advertising, branding, publicity, positioning, research.
  • POP! PR Jots - Jeremy Pepper blogs about the PR industry, New news and media marketing and advertising York, Chicago and San Francisco Bay area, marketing news and media marketing and advertising communications, and social media.
  • Marketing Centricity for Small Business - Rob Reed on sales, marketing and online strategies.
  • Futurelab's Blog - Marketing and strategy blog.
  • Interactive and eMarketing by Matt Freedman - A Blog by Matt Freedman that encompasses online marketing, search engine optimization, web site building, web presence and email marketing.
  • Randcom Culture - Daily news and information about global online marketing, advertising and marketing and advertising pop culture trends.
  • Instigator Blog - Tackles entrepreneurship, business, marketing and technology with a weblogs heavy dose weblogs of humor.
  • The Marketing Technology Blog - Aimed at tech savvy marketers, this site gives weblogs the unbiased views of the writers and manages weblogs to connect with its readers by offering insight weblogs and opinion of marketing methods.
  • The Expertise Marketing - Perspectives on marketing in the professional services sector.
  • Hee Haw Marketing - A tongue-in-cheek look at how the Internet is evolving with news and media the ever increasing number of social media networking sites.
  • Unsolicited Marketing Advice - Offers tips and tools for the marketing or news and media news and media public relations manager in weblog format. Maintains a news and media news and media special but not exclusive emphasis on healthcare and news and media news and media hospital marketing.
  • Reveries - Profiles of marketing people, insights into marketing news weblogs and trends.
  • Marketing, Advertising, Media and Technology Blog - A personal blog that reviews necessary items that the writer marketing and advertising believes are crucial for the new age marketer. Reviews include marketing and advertising books, social media, the Internet and Web 2.0 amongst other marketing and advertising topics.
  • Marketing Tips | World's Youngest Chartered Marketer - Small business marketing tips and news by Bobby marketing and advertising news and media Leong. Includes internet marketing strategy
  • Shotgun Marketing Blog - A marketing weblog on the marketing landscape from Chris Houchens.
  • Emergence Marketing - A blog on marketing and the impact weblogs of technologies weblogs and social networking on marketing practices.
  • Modern B2B Marketing - B2B marketing blog with new ideas and best practices on weblogs topics such as search engine marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing, weblogs and marketing accountability.
  • Neuromarketing - Discussion of marketing and advertising techniques based on weblogs neuroscience research, brain scans, etc.
  • Copywriter Journalist - Advertising copywriter, journalist and blogger Farrukh Naeem posts weblogs news and marketing and advertising commentary on advertising in Abu Dhabi, weblogs Dubai, UAE and the marketing and advertising world at large.
  • AdMarkTech - Advertising and Marketing Technology - Dedicated to reporting innovative marketing and advertising technology in the realms of Internet, Mobile and Offline. Featuring interviews with key figures involved in the marketing industry.

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