Polishing Media Abrasives Materials

Produces a polymer abrasive blast media made from wheat starch and corn to remove tough coatings from sensitive surfaces especially in aerospace applications.

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  • Graystar LLC. - Supplier of abrasive grains and powders used for abrasives metal finishing, materials grinding and polishing.
  • Browns Hill Sand - Provides a variety of abrasive sands, organic grits materials and metal materials oxides.
  • Meshwo Ceramics - Manufacturer of zircon flour and zirconium silicate for foundries, ceramics, paints, rubber and composites. Based in India.
  • Europolish - Italian producer of solid and liquid abrasive compounds for polishing abrasives and buffing, and the equipment used for surface finishing.
  • Industrial Supply - Offers very fine aluminum oxide crystals for the dermabrasion industry. materials Also provides other types of industrial sandblasting abrasives.
  • Zhongjing Electron Technology Ltd. - Produces platelet calcined alumina powder and alumina-zirconium silicate materials powder.
  • Ervin Industries Inc. - Producer of cast steel shot and grit abrasives. materials Includes information on testing and technical specifications.
  • Fox Industries - Manufactures grinding media including steel balls and beads polishing media made polishing media of zirconium silicate or glass.
  • Eurogrit Abrasives - Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of polishing media blast materials cleaning abrasives for surface preparation of steel, polishing media stone and materials concrete surfaces.
  • Walter International - Manufactures wide range of abrasives, chemical agents, power abrasives tools, and tooling for metal fabrication industry. Emphasis abrasives is on grinding, cleaning, finishing, and polishing applications.
  • Kleen Blast Abrasives - Produces an environmentally safe non-silica sandblasting abrasive product used to polishing media re-surface materials before painting. Has facilities in all west coast polishing media states.
  • Adm Envirostrip - Produces a polymer abrasive blast media made from abrasives wheat starch materials and corn to remove tough coatings abrasives from sensitive surfaces especially materials in aerospace applications.
  • Vibra Finish Company - Manufactures and supplies ceramic, plastic, synthetic and precision vibratory deburring polishing media media and compounds as well as vibratory and centrifugal barrel polishing media mass finishing equipment.
  • AGP Abrasifs Grains and Poudres - Specializes in abrasive materials for surface treatment.
  • Daramaras & Co. Ltd. - Specialized in the production of blasting cleaning abrasives abrasives grit used abrasives for surface preparation. Based in Larymna, abrasives Greece.
  • Baikowski - Manufacturer of ultrapure calcined alumina, fused alumina grain polishing media and abrasives other oxide powders for precision polishing, micro polishing media abrasion, technical abrasives ceramics, and additives for abrasion resistance polishing media properties.
  • Inner Mongolia XL Abrasives Processing - Manufacturer and exporter of industrial garnet abrasives for materials water jet abrasives cutting, sandblasting, polishing and grinding.
  • Metabrasives Ltd. - UK based manufacturers and world wide suppliers of polishing media high performance metallic abrasives. Includes technical selection criteria polishing media for choosing abrasives.
  • BC Abrasives Ltd. - Suppliers of blast cleaning materials including glass, metal abrasives and oxide polishing media grits.
  • Norstone Inc - All types of medias used for grinding, deagglomeration, materials polishing, deburring, fillers, proppants, spacers, refractory beds materials and shot peening. Also carries high speed blades materials and equipment.
  • Bunsa - High carbon steel shot and steel grit manufacturer polishing media in polishing media Turkey.

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