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Glass coloring service specialized in coloring glass envelopes for the lamp industry in ceramics or applying different lacquers to finished lamps and small perfume bottles.

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  • Skyline Design - specializes in custom carved, painted, and sandblasted architectural crystal and glass glass, sealed against fingerprints and stains with a crystal and glass specially formulated etch sealer.
  • Kuang-An Glass Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of bent and flat tempered glass.
  • Asahi Glass - Manufacturers and distributors of sheet glass. Provides sections business about the materials company profile, products, research and development business issues. (Stock Symbol: ASGLF).
  • Pilkington - Glass manufacturer. Information about its building, automotive and materials technical products and its worldwide activities.
  • Glasslinks - Glass industry links and information, including auto glass, business flat glass, materials windows and doors.
  • AFGD, Inc. - Manufacturers of laminated, tempered, insulated, coated, edged, silk business screened, gas filled and mirror glass for commercial business and residential applications. Product descriptions and glass performance business data online.
  • Atlas Ltd - Produce a range of synthetic coloured corundum and crystal and glass materials spinel crystals for use in the electronics and crystal and glass materials watch making industries.
  • National Glass Ltd. - Wholesalers and manufacturers of glass products in Canada. materials Products include insulated units, laminated, mirrors, and framing. materials Includes completed project details.
  • Vetrotech Saint-Gobain - Manufacturers of fire rated glazing and safety glass.
  • Praezisions Glas & Optik - Source for optical glass and optical components. A crystal and glass database about different glass types and optical components.
  • Recycled Bottle Glass Centre - Produce stained glass windows and a wide range of other home and garden products from recycled bottle glass.
  • Technical Glass Products - Supplies the architectural and industrial communities with specialty glazing materials. Such as: wireless fire-rated glass and fire/impact safety-rated glass, x-ray shielding lead glass, super heat resistant glass for industrial use U. V. Filtering lenses
  • Quartz Plus, Inc. - New England\\'s largest stock of fused quartz and materials borosilicate items. Custom requests and international orders materials are welcome. Credit cards accepted.
  • Glass Supplies, Inc. - High performance, environmentally friendly glass processing fluids and business related products.
  • Valley Bevelling Corporation - Bevelled, polished glass and mirror in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. Custom fabrication of bevelled glass.
  • Oldcastle Glass - Produces heat-treated glass, including tempered safety, heat-strengthened, and materials insulating units materials for commercial and industrial applications.
  • AJZ & Associates Consulting - Offer services for the development, design, building, installation, materials and operation of float glass plants . Includes materials technical data on the principles of float glass materials manufacturing.
  • AFG Industries, Inc. - Manufacturer of glass for residential, commercial, and industrial crystal and glass crystal and glass uses. Located in Kingsport, Tennessee.
  • Flickinger Glassworks - Manufacturer of bent and etched glass.
  • Laser Crystal Ltd. - Distributor of nonlinear laser crystals and other laser optical components.
  • Crystal Associates, Inc. - Manufacturers of nonlinear optical, relaxor ferroelectric, and uv crystal and glass materials.
  • Colorlites Ltd. - Glass coloring service specialized in coloring glass envelopes for the business lamp industry in ceramics or applying different lacquers to finished business lamps and small perfume bottles.
  • Polytronics Pte Ltd - Distributors of glass mat and epoxy glass sheet materials materials that crystal and glass are used for the fabrication of materials pallets used for PCB crystal and glass production and assembly.
  • Glass On Web - Portal with news articles, business and product directory, and forum.
  • Okandan Glass - Manufactures figured glass, mirror, glass block, decorative glass, tinted glass, coated glass, tempered safety glass and laminated glass.
  • Rider Glass - Exporters of tinted, reflective, patterned and laminated glass business and glass blocks from China.
  • International Phototool Company - Allows direct write to chrome on glass large business area masks.
  • Triveni Glass Limited - Manufacturer of tinted, float and figured glass. India.
  • Gardner and Newton Ltd - Manufacturers of curved and bent glass for building renovation, displays and shopfitting providers.
  • Nova Crystals Ltd. - Producer of custom parts made of glass, fused materials quartz and materials ceramics.

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