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Located in Luther, Oklahoma. Heavy equipment repairs, welding, custom fabrication, stairs, balconies, pipe and cable fences, metal buildings, steel fencing and gates, handrails and bumpers.

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See Also:
  • Stella s.r.l. - Manufacture a range of welding, brazing and silver metals alloys, copper phosphorous, and silver solders. Includes product metals data sheets .
  • Wall Colmonoy Corporation - Colmonoy hardfacing and Nicrobraz brazing products; heat treating, brazing and coating services.
  • Cambridge Vacuum Engineering - Designs, manufacture and support vacuum furnaces and electron metals beam welders alloys for thermal treatment and metal joining metals processes.
  • Metallbau & Schmiede Pohlers - Metallbau und Schmiede Pohlers
  • Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. - Processes of Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) surfacing method, metals development and manufacture of PTA equipment, plasma torches metals and powders.
  • Just-for-Copper - Provides solderless copper bonding.
  • Lucas-Milhaupt Inc - Technical advisers and manufacturers of Brazing Alloys, Preformed Designs, Rings, metals Strip, Wire, Flux and Braze and Soldering Pastes for Engineers metals interested in the Brazing Process. Includes technical data on Brazing metals Process.
  • Interflux USA, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of fluxes and solders.
  • Mannings USA Heat Treatment Services - Pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment services, on-site, 24 hour response time.
  • Bellman Melcor - Brazing alloys and fluxes.
  • Coining Corp - Supplier of Soldering Preforms, Brazing preforms,Soldering Alloys,Lead Free alloys Alloys.
  • Aufhauser Corporation - Manufacturing and exporting alloys for brazing and welding.
  • Johnson Matthey Metal Joining - Products include silver alloys, brazing fluxes, pastes, silver metals solders, and metal joining a wide range of brazing alloys metals (silver copper phosphorous, gold, metal joining palladium, copper, and nickel).
  • The Welding Alloys group - Manufacturer of tubular welding wires, automatic and semi-automatic metals welding equipment metals - Integrated division for welding and metals hardfacing applications
  • Stan Rubinstein Assoc - Supply soldering and brazing pastes, electronic grade solder metal joining paste, soldering and fluxes, adhesives and epoxies, dispensing metal joining equipment and accessories, soldering boards, ultrasonic cleaners and metal joining cleaning products.
  • Plant of Solders - Produce and market solders, alloys, babbits, and non-ferrous metal joining metals. Subsidiary of BK Holding, and located in metal joining Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • Lindure homepage - Lindure is Bodycote\\'s proprietary thermo-chemical surface treatment generally metals know as Ferritic Nitrocarburizing.
  • Shop Needs - Welding positioners, industrial equipment, welding supplies from dozens of leading manufacturers - national wholesale retail distributor of welding equipment, and safety supplies.
  • Bodycote Heat Treatments Limited - metal joining and heat treatments services in UK
  • Mallory Alloys Group - Manufacture and supply silver, copper and tungsten based metal joining alloys, alloys sold under the brand names Mallory, Elkanite, metal joining Anviloy and alloys Elkaloy in many forms.
  • Parweld - A manufacturer of a line of mig guns, metals tig torches, plasma torches and other welding consumables.
  • Weldcare - Welcare supply temporary engineering staff, welding services and welder training, NDT and metallurgical services.
  • Zhangjiagang Zhongzhou Special Alloy Materials Co.,Ltd. - Produces welding wires and rods of three main metal joining alloys, metal joining cobalt base , nickel base , and metal joining iron-base. China.
  • American Welding & Thunderbolt Fabrication - Located in Luther, Oklahoma. Heavy equipment repairs, alloys welding, custom fabrication, stairs, balconies, pipe and cable alloys fences, metal buildings, steel fencing and gates, handrails alloys and bumpers.

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