Magnesium Metals Materials

Trade association web site. Source of producers, users, foundries and fabricators. Includes listing of industry publications and a magnesium physical and mechanical property database.

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See Also:
  • International Magnesium Association - Trade association web site. Source of producers, users, metals foundries and magnesium fabricators. Includes listing of industry publications metals and a magnesium physical magnesium and mechanical property database.
  • Timminco Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier of engineered magnesium extrusions. Specializes metals in the production and marketing of specialty magnesium metals metals and alloys.
  • The Magnesium Home Page - Magnesium metal production and use of magnesium components materials world wide, includes research and development details, production materials statistics, properties of alloys, forum, listing of companies materials using magnesium
  • - An online resource for metal industry professionals. Presents metals news, events, market, directory, forum, and e-mail.
  • U.S. Magnesium LLC - A dedicated service organization and the only producer metals of primary metals magnesium in the U.S., specializing in metals the manufacture and supply metals of magnesium ingot products metals and magnesium recycling services.
  • Magnesium International Ltd - Australian company, constructing a primary metal and alloy production facility with a capacity of 84,000 tonnes per annum of magnesium metal in product.
  • Magnesium Elektron - UK company manufacturing and developing magnesium products and services. Includes metals magnesium alloys, surface protection, magnesium powders and forgings. Datasheets on metals magnesium products available to download
  • Advanced Magnesium Technologies - Specializing in alloy and process technology for the manufacturing industry.

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