Zinc Metals Materials

Trade organization comprised of primary and secondary producers of zinc metal, zinc oxide and zinc dust marketed in the United States.

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See Also:
  • Zincworld - An information service to the public and to materials users of materials zinc by the International Zinc Association.
  • Horsehead Corporation - Manufacturer of zinc metal, dust, and powder, as metals well as metals zinc oxide, from recycled sources. Headquartered metals in Pennsylvania, manufacturing in metals several US states.
  • American Zinc Association - Trade organization comprised of primary and secondary producers metals of zinc materials metal, zinc oxide and zinc dust metals marketed in the United materials States.
  • Grillo-Werke AG - Offer a range of zinc products including anodes, metals strip made , foil, wire and calot.
  • Ritchey Metals Company Inc. - Northeast USA manufacture of zinc based alloys for the casting zinc and plating industries.
  • Vertic - Zinc rods and zinc wire from Finland.
  • International Lead Zinc Research Organization Inc. - Non-profit research foundation for the purpose of conducting research on behalf of the international community of lead and zinc miners and smelters.
  • P.R. Chandna - Outline of the zinc extraction processes.
  • Yunnan Jisan Yunxin Chemical Factory - Producer of zinc powder in various particle size materials grades, located metals in China.

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