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  • Gunther Salt Company - St.Louis based producer of salt for a variety wholesale and distribution wholesale and distribution of industrial uses. Includes details of salt mining wholesale and distribution wholesale and distribution and production.
  • Foshan Surewin Industrial Co., Ltd. - Importer of zircon sands, zirconium silicate, and specialty mining and drilling mineral exploration and extraction glazes and stains into China.
  • Gandhara Minerals & Stones - Pakistani supplier of mica, limestone, barrite, and salt. mining and drilling mineral exploration and extraction Samples available.
  • Sibelco - Producer of silica sand and flours, cristobalite, nepheline mineral exploration and extraction syenite, and ball clay.
  • Gilsonite and Specialty Asphalt Producer - Producer of gilsonite, North American Asphaltum, uintaite, and mining and drilling specialty asphalt products.
  • China Haicheng Talc Plant - Supplier of talc products,magnesite, and quartz.
  • Sekyung Corporation - Supplier of North Korean magnesia clinker 9010.
  • Swala Gem Traders - Distributor of gemstones directly from the mines, including wholesale and distribution mining and drilling tanzanites, tsavorites, rhodolites, tourmalines from East Africa.
  • Zoutman Industries - Salt producer.
  • Magnesia International.com - Consortium of suppliers of magnesium oxide and magnesium wholesale and distribution mineral exploration and extraction hydroxide products.
  • Koch Carbon, KOMSA, C. Reiss Coal - Dealers in petroleum coke, coal, slag, cement, clinker, mining and drilling and related products.
  • Rapra International - Indian manufacturer and distributor of mineral powders, including mineral exploration and mineral exploration and extraction extraction calcite, ground calcium carbonate, talc, mica, diamaceous earth, mineral exploration mineral exploration and extraction and extraction kaolin and quartz.

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