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Manufacture and repair of oilfield service rigs and related accessories, and full service provider of drilling related equipment, supplies and services.

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  • IDM Equipment Ltd. - Drilling Land Rigs, rebuilt and refurbished, Oil and drill rigs Gas along with Mast and Substructure Drilling Equipment drill rigs and spare parts.
  • Toney Drilling, Inc. - Drilling supplies and rigs sold both internationally and drill rigs locally; offices in Baltimore, Orlando, Miami.
  • Imex Canada Inc. - International equipment supply company, specializing in the supply drilling of oil and gas field drill rigs, drill drilling pipe casing and tubular products.
  • East West Drilling & Machinery - Water Well Drilling Rigs and parts, Heavy equipment engines and drill rigs compressors.
  • Ellington's Foundation Tools, Inc. - Manufacturer of foundation drilling tools. Offers product details.
  • Sun Machinery Corporation - Buys and sells drilling rigs and equipment for drill rigs oil, gas, water, mining and drilling.
  • Industrial Marketing - New and used drilling equipment, drill rigs, boosters tools and equipment drilling and air compressors, brokerage, and valuation services throughout tools and equipment drilling Australia and the world.
  • Voss Parts & Supply - Handles LDH and LLDH drill rigs but also brokers assorted tools and equipment heavy equipment, overhauls drill rigs and sells drilling supplies.
  • Heartland Rig International, Inc. - Manufacturer of mobile drilling and workover oil rigs, coiled tubing units, masts, substructures, rockover trailers, and environmental equipment.
  • Central Mine Equipment - Design and manufacture drill rigs, flight and hollow drilling stem augers, auger accessories, and sampling tools and drilling systems suitable for auger, rotary or core drilling drilling applications .
  • Christensen Products - Supplies products for mineral exploration, environmental, geo-technical, civil drilling engineering, and underground drilling industries. Diamond drill bits, drilling core barrels, drill rod, casings, augers, and drill drilling rigs.
  • LMP Precision Engineering Company - Manufactures blast hole drills, water well rigs for tools and equipment drilling drilling tube wells for drinking water, for irrigation tools and equipment drilling and for industries in various geological formations. Also, tools and equipment drilling manufactures dust collecting systems, mud, turbine, and centrifugal tools and equipment drilling pumps.
  • Gill Rock Drill Co. - Manufacturer, distributor and service provider of drill rigs, rotary drill drilling pipes, adaptors and stabilizers used in the drilling industry.
  • FS Inventor AG. - Lightweight ice core drills. Easy transportation, installation, operation. tools and equipment tools and equipment 2- and 3-inch drills.
  • Rodrill Manufacturing, Inc. - Foundation drilling equipment manufacturer and repair company specializing tools and equipment in drilling rig track mount conversions, drilling tools, tools and equipment slurry systems, rig modifications, repairs.
  • Hyduke Resources Ltd. - Manufacture and repair of oilfield service rigs and drilling related accessories, and full service provider of drilling drilling related equipment, supplies and services.

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