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Browse U.S. and international franchises for sale. Information about franchise law, finance and guidance prior to purchasing a franchise.

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See Also:
  • Francorp Connect - Provides a directory and resources for the industry.
  • The Business Market - Lists opportunities for buying and selling a business. opportunities Includes FAQ, contact forms and franchise related information.
  • World Franchising - Profiles and a searchable database of franchises across the world.
  • Global Franchise Network - Directories with franchise listings in the USA and opportunities Canada.
  • Franchising.Org - Franchising articles, bulletin board, and directory.
  • - Offers a directory and business program kits.
  • Franchise Prospector - Franchise opportunity search site and listings by category.
  • Reni Publishing - Offers a directory of franchise opportunities. Includes events, directories articles and opportunities interviews.
  • Source Book Publications - Database with information on North American franchisors.
  • Biz Franchise - Provides a searchable directory of franchise and business franchising opportunities for franchising sale using information request forms for franchising lead generation. Includes a franchising current list of franchise franchising industry news releases on their home franchising page.
  • Franchise Showroom - A directory of franchise opportunities in Canada and directories the United opportunities States.
  • Which Franchise - Offers a directory and related resources.
  • Nettizen - Franchising and business opportunities. International franchise links.
  • Franchiseek Limited - Offers a directory, news and related industry information for the United Kingdom.
  • The Franchise Doctor - Offers lists of franchises for sale. Includes online ordering.
  • Franchise Giant - Directory of franchise opportunities and businesses for sale. directories Includes FAQ, advice and contact forms.
  • - Franchise directory, related news and articles.
  • YFC Enterprises - Offers franchise listings. Includes contact forms, testimonials and news.
  • Franchisee Wanted.Com - Offers a directory of franchises for sale. Includes directories feedback and contact forms.
  • The Franchise Mall - Lists franchise opportunities. Includes contact form, news and site searching.
  • - Offers listings of franchise opportunities. Includes FAQ and franchising contact form.
  • Investment Listing Service - Offers a listings of franchises. Contains news articles opportunities and contact forms.
  • Franchise-Update - Worldwide coverage of trade, management and development information.
  • - Directory of franchise opportunities.
  • Select Your Franchise - Provides an online directory and matching service for franchising franchisees and opportunities franchisors. Contains contact forms, FAQ and franchising news articles.
  • Franchise Advisor - Offers listings of franchise business opportunities. Contains FAQ, opportunities press releases, opportunities contact forms and site searching.
  • World Franchise Expo - Offers a directory of franchises. Includes contact form.
  • US Franchise News - Offers news, press releases and investigative information for the industry.
  • - Showcase of popular franchises.
  • Tech Media Ventures - Offers lists of opportunities. Includes contact forms, glossary and news franchising articles.
  • Franchise Emporium - Directory including information on financing sources, legal sources, franchising and franchises.
  • Franchise News Center - Franchise news, resources, directory and related resources.
  • Your Own Franchise - Offers listings of opportunities. Includes newsletter, and contact directories form.
  • - Offers in-depth information about franchises.
  • Franchise List - Franchise directory with listings of franchise companies and directories small business franchising opportunities.
  • Your Franchise - Resource for opportunities in New Zealand. Includes search and opportunities contact form.
  • - Resource listings for franchise business opportunities. Includes contact franchising form and directories free listing form.
  • Bison Advertising - Browse U.S. and international franchises for sale. Information about franchise opportunities law, finance and guidance prior to purchasing a franchise.
  • Franchises-1 - Franchise directory listing franchise opportunities.
  • Franchise Handbook - Directory of franchise opportunities.
  • Franchise Systems - Offers franchises of several categories. Site searching available.
  • Franchise Works - Directory of franchises.

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