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  • InnoCentive - Web-based community matching scientists to research and development invention brokers challenges inventions for sale presented by companies worldwide.
  • Inventors Showcase - Assist inventors in finding investment funding to retail inventions for sale invention brokers sales. Includes FAQ, directory, guestbook and message board.
  • - Marketplace for licensable technologies.
  • BizEsp - Offers intellectual capital market place for the technology inventions industry. Includes directory and message board.
  • - An online resource for pharmaceutical and medical biotech technology licensing and collaboration.
  • IP Market Holdings - Offers a directory for buying, selling and promoting inventions IP agents. inventions Includes FAQ and site searching.
  • Delphi Oracle Corp. - Offering licenses for issued and pending patents for inventions for sale products such as razors, syringes, gearboxes, microarray processing inventions for sale and shoelace treatments.
  • PharmaRegistrations - European licensing opportunities for drug and technology development and market invention brokers research.
  • Inventors' Net - Marketplace for the sale and purchase of inventions.
  • Invention Connection - Features inventions available for sale, licensing, investment, distribution, inventions for sale and manufacturing in a range of diversified industries.
  • Market Launchers - Lists new inventions available for sale or licensing and builds inventions inventor web sites.
  • Help-Forward - Technology transfer broker based in Greece.
  • PatentData - International specialist database of patented technology available under invention brokers license agreements.
  • New Idea Trade - Global forum for the sale of inventions, patents and crafts.
  • Centre Relais Innovation France Centr'Est - Catalog of technology offers from member companies in inventions for sale France.

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