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Provides services and consulting in the area of intellectual capital, including valuation, risk management, and sale/auction of IP assets.

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  • SGA2 - Manages the payment of patent annuities and trademark inventions renewals.
  • IPSoft, Inc. - Intellectual property management services.
  • Mindvault - Consultants advising on the strategic management and commercialization of intellectual intellectual property management assets. Includes contact form.
  • Demys - Details of the proactive and responsive services available, together with news and company information.
  • CPA - Worldwide provider of intellectual property management services.
  • General Patent Corporation - Assists with portfolio management, patent licensing, and technology transfer.
  • Ocean Tomo - Provides services and consulting in the area of inventions intellectual capital, inventions including valuation, risk management, and sale/auction inventions of IP assets.
  • Technology, Patents and Licensing, Inc. - Assists technology companies through the entire Intellectual property inventions life cycle.
  • BioLogica - Consultancy firm providing commercial and strategic management of inventions technology and intellectual property management intellectual property in biomedicine, biotechnology and inventions biopharmaceuticals.
  • PatentCafe - Intellectual property management services.
  • Falco-Archer, Inc. - International provider of intellectual property and technology commercialization intellectual property management management services.
  • - Assisting inventors and intellectual property groups with the products and services products and services patent and intellectual property management process.

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