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Stories about the Amway experience in the 1970s and 1980s, many mirrored from other sites which have been shut down.

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Amway: The Untold Story* - Information and documented with price comparisons and success statistics.

  • MLM Survivors Homepage: Quixtar - Links to press articles about Quixtar, Amway\\'s attempt amway and quixtar amway and quixtar to re-invent itself on the internet.
  • Unofficial Amway FAQs - Commentary on inaccurate and misleading statements in the amway and quixtar opposing views official Amway FAQ list.
  • She Did It Amway - "Amway funded Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) and taught her opposing views to reach the top by climbing on the opposing views backs of people on the bottom. Now she\\'s opposing views pushing the company\\'s conservative agenda and its expansion opposing views into markets abroad." [Mother Jones]
  • Amway - Site mirrors of several Amway sites.
  • Worldwide Dreambuilders and The Things They Will Say To Profit From Your Dreams - Experiences of ex-member of Worldwide Dreambuilders program
  • SIMPOS: Amway - Unreviewed links to about 20 sites critical of opportunities Amway.
  • Merchants of Deception - Offers a free e-book on a member\\'s experience opposing views with opportunities Amway and Quixtar.
  • Amway/Quixtar Memory Hole, The - Stories about the Amway experience in the 1970s amway and quixtar opposing views and 1980s, many mirrored from other sites which amway and quixtar opposing views have been shut down.
  • Amway: The Continuing Story - Pages include: evidence that Amway is a cult, an Amway opposing views terms pages, and contact information for every company found in opposing views the Amway catalogs.
  • Skeptic's Dictionary: Amway (Quixtar) - Encyclopedia-type article about Amway.
  • - Speeches and documents from former members, leaders, lawsuits opposing views and opportunities business analysis.
  • Amway Sucks - David Touretzky\\'s site includes a mirror of "Amway: opposing views The opportunities Untold Story" and a contest to guess opposing views the date opportunities Timothy Delaney sends him a subpoena.
  • Perils of Amway, The - A critical look at the Amway corporation, including amway and quixtar opposing views two personal stories, arguments and discussion, and reader amway and quixtar opposing views mail.
  • Amway and Rules Enforcement - On-line petition to the FTC to examine Amway\\'s enforcement of retail selling rules by the MLM Survivors Homepage.

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