Prepress Publishing and Printing Business

Quality and economy at electronic imaging trade houses based in Newcastle and Gosford in New South Wales, but servicing the whole of Australia, plus supplies for graphic arts and printing industries.

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  • KatArt Graphics - Provides design, web and prepress services for a prepress wide variety of clients and applications.
  • Vermillion - One of the largest single-site prepress companies in publishing and printing business the United States.
  • Jupiter Associates Limited - PC-based service bureau. Film and press quality PDFs from all publishing and printing PC and MAC programs. Design and printing of brochures, leaflets, publishing and printing folders, booklets and stationery. Corel, Adobe, Serif and Microsoft publishing and printing approved.
  • Litho Development and Research - A leading provider of computer-to-plate, digital printing, electronic publishing and printing prepress, and workflow solutions for the graphic arts publishing and printing and printing industries.
  • Digitronix Communication Group - Complete repro and print solutions.
  • PROOF-it-ONLINE - Online proofing and approval solution for graphic arts publishing and printing and printing professionals.
  • International Typesetting and Composition - Provides a wide range of prepress and e:publishing services in the U.S. and New Delhi, India.
  • AdvanceMeants - Creates TrueType and PostScript versions of business use fonts directly publishing and printing from ANSI and ISO specifications. POSTNET/FIM Bar Code Fonts, OCR publishing and printing fonts.
  • Sparta Press - Specializes in traditional and digital solutions.
  • Distinctive Imagesetting - Film and paper output (mainstream mac and pc prepress files) to prepress 12" or 20" imagesetters. Free imposition prepress and quick turnaround.
  • The Type Factory, Inc. - Full service graphic design and service bureau for designers, publishers business and printers.
  • Phillips Digital - Prepress bureau offering scanning, imagesetting, proofing, large-format-inkjets, laser plotting, and publishing and printing digital printing.
  • Itarus Limited - Pre-press services for the FMCG industry. Services include publishing and printing prepress artwork, repro, 3d, proofing, market samples and digital publishing and printing prepress asset management. Located in Northampton.
  • Cincinnati Precision Plate - Specializes in pre-press for the packaging industry, providing plates and prepress films for labels, bags, boxes, and cartons.
  • Prepress Training Solution - Interactive online prepress training for Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign, Extensis Preflight Pro, and QuarkXPress.
  • MagType Graphics and Computer Resources - Provides prepress services as well as computer/technical resources and support.
  • The Imagesetting Bureau - Services include: exhibition display/large format-design, printing and finishing; prepress website-design, development business and hosting; and prepress-design,film output, scanning, prepress proofing and plates.
  • - News, information and user forums for the prepress industry.
  • ReyHanPGF - Serves the screen printing, flexo, offset PCB, glass, publishing and printing automotive and other markets, delivering custom film, proofing, publishing and printing color separation, color consulting and facility management services.
  • ColorMax - Digital printer offering prepress services.
  • Carey Digital - Prepress service, offering scanning, color management, wide format business printing and publishing and printing data asset management.
  • Camera Works Inc. - Services related to pre-press publication creation, including digital offset printing, image manipulation, scanning, large format proofing, and imposed film.
  • Brenneman Printing, Inc. (BPI) - A full range of printing services including advanced prepress digital imaging and printing techniques.
  • Coloursat Ltd - Service bureau offering film output, CTP, design and business other digital publishing and printing services.
  • Digital Prep - Digital prepress, printing and photography, large format printing, business and 3D animation.
  • Transcript Ltd - Full digital prepress service bureau Offering output services, publishing and printing business including films, bromides, colour lasers, posters, typesetting and publishing and printing business scanning.
  • MicroPix - Colour separations, colourways and mapping on garment sketches publishing and printing for the textile industry.
  • Gaphiscan - Prepress services such as imagesetting, computer graphics, scanning, business color proofs, and large format posters; and multimedia business such as indexing, cd-roms, websites, video compression and business digital business cards.
  • PDF Solutions - Service providers to the prepress, print, and publishing business sectors for PDF and digital workflow software and business hardware.
  • International Lithographic - Quality pre-press solutions.
  • Cal Art & Engraving - Provides graphic arts services, flexographic rubber and photopolymer, letterpress cuts, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, deep etched branding dies and rubber stamp masters.
  • Pevensey Scanning - Provides drum scanning and digital retouching services for publishing and printing designers, publishers, and the printing industry.
  • PageWorks - Offers digital printing, large format inkjet prints, digital publishing and printing photographic prints, high-resolution film, mounting, laminating and other publishing and printing finishing services.
  • Pagination Design Services - Design studio, imagesetting bureau and pre-press production bureau.
  • Comart Lithographers - Provides the latest prepress services and solutions.
  • Public Interest - A coop site of various resources for the publishing and publishing and printing printing industry including prepress discussion boards.
  • Ascotech Digital Technologies - Offer digital pre-press services, imaging, printing, digital camera prepress images correction, business design, layout, and color proofs. Also prepress offer web design services business including hosting. Located in prepress Calgary, Canada.
  • G2 Graphic Service - Complete service bureau offering digital imaging, prepress services and scanning.
  • Frontier Technology - Digital prepress bureau offering imagesetting, scanning, proofing, and poster printing in Sydney, Australia.
  • Digital Illusion, Inc. - Digital retouching studio serving advertising agencies, art directors prepress and print business producers.
  • - Numerous prepress services, including scans, proofs, prints, and film plotting.
  • Cobb - Service bureau, providing commercial prepress and desktop publishing services.
  • Integra - Pre-press and typesetting house. Specializes in typesetting and publishing and printing publishing and printing electronic publishing of scientific, technical and medical books publishing and printing publishing and printing and journals.
  • T-C4 Graphics Ltd. - Prepress and printing services.
  • Reprographics Group of Companies - Quality and economy at electronic imaging trade houses prepress based in business Newcastle and Gosford in New South prepress Wales, but servicing the business whole of Australia, plus prepress supplies for graphic arts and printing business industries.

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