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Sites that focus their primary production on name plates (like those that include serial numbers and wattage information) and overlays (like dashboards). While many of these sites also manufacture other products, listed here will be those who focus more on overlays and name plates than their other products.

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See Also:
  • Mcloone - Screenprinter of nameplates, labels, decals, and overlays. Embossing, labels, stickers, and decals die-cutting and doming are available.
  • High Tech Graphics, Inc. - Produces pressure sensitive labels, barcodes, and nameplates.
  • Tre Graphics Etc. - Provides custom printed labels, decals, barcodes, stickers, nameplates, overlays and name products plates and tags.
  • William Frick and Company - Produces graphic products including labels, decals, barcodes, nameplates, overlays and name products plates faceplates and signs.
  • Dec-O-Art Inc - Specializes in name plates, decals, warning labels, four color overlays and name plates process, and overlays.
  • J.N. White Designs - Screenprinter of pressure sensitive labels, graphic overlays, membrane switches.
  • Normic Industries - Nameplates, graphic overlays and decorative trim for industry.
  • Cutting Edge - Specializes in nameplates and overlays for industrial and commercial use. products Other labels and products also offered.
  • Drake Industries - Specializes in the manufacture of name plates, overlays, overlays and name labels, stickers, and decals plates labels, and decals.
  • Tapecon, Inc - Specializes in product identification through manufacturing of membrane products switches, nameplates, decals, labels.
  • Woelco Labeling Solutions Inc. - Offers nameplates and self-adhesive labels for industrial applications.
  • Kennedy Nameplate - Manufactures nameplates in metals, vinyl, lexan, and polyester for industry, labels, stickers, and decals aerospace, and military applications.
  • Yeuell Nameplate and Label - Manufacturers of metal nameplates and labels. Also offers OSHA compliance, fence plates and domed decals.
  • Apexx Omni-Graphics - Specializes in nameplates, panels, for long and short runs with immediate delivery their goal.
  • GM Nameplate - Suppliers of custom labels, tags, and nameplates.
  • True North Printed Plastics Inc. - Producer of nameplates, overlays, plastic labels, membrane switches, and in-mold decorated parts. Canada.
  • Diversified Images, Inc - Offers nameplates, decals, overlays and keypads.
  • Visual Marking Systems, Inc. - Manufacturers pressure sensitive decals, nameplates, overlays, labels and markings.
  • Identification Products Corp. - Supplier of custom nameplates, labels, decals, graphic overlays, overlays and name products plates panels templates and provides doming.
  • Etched Media Corporation - Makes product ID labels and nameplates using a variety of printing techniques and CDR duplication services.
  • Alpha Sign Nameplate & Decal Co. Ltd - Offers nameplates, overlays, labels, and signage. Ships World labels, stickers, and decals wide. Dublin, Ireland.
  • GSM Graphic Arts - Manufacturers of metal name plates, technical data plates, labels, stickers, and overlays and name plates decals graphic overlays and labels throughout Europe.

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